Turns Out Most Women Would Choose Their Dog Over A Man

A new study has revealed nearly 70 per cent of single women would choose their dog over a man if their pet didn’t like them.

People love their dogs: the ever-loyal companion, always happy to see you arrive home, full of endless energy and excitement. Sure, they might poop on the carpet, tear up the furniture, or eat their own vomit – but you can’t stay angry when you look into their gorgeous eyes.

According to the Daily Mail, women in the UK love their dogs so much that they would dump a potential date if their canine friend weren’t keen.

The study was conducted by Burns Pet Nutrition and polled 2,022 UK dog owners, finding that 59 per cent of women would definitely ditch the dude for the dog.

But is this the same for men? Are they ready to leave the lady for their labradoodle? The number is slightly smaller, but still significant, with 41 per cent picking the pooch over the person.

People really do trust their pets. Half of all dog owners surveyed think their pet is a good judge of character, and two-thirds of 45 to 65-year-olds put a lot of weight on their pet’s opinion.

So, if you have a new love and are going to meet their hound, make sure you are prepared. Bring doggy treats, some of the best sticks you can find, and be ready to walk that pup along the full Australian coastline.