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About the Podcast

Join award-winning 10 News First journalist, influencer, campaigner and author Sandra Sully as she talks to inspiring, intriguing women from all walks of life who have something interesting to say.

Sandra finds out what makes these women tick, what keeps them up at night, and what really matters in a   series that is at times funny, at times heartbreaking, but always real.

Listen to candid conversations with women you’ve heard of, and women you need to hear about, as they open up about their lives, struggles and triumphs.

Short Black with Sandra Sully won the Best Interview category at the 2022 Australian Podcast Awards.

Good women, great chat!

Season 5 photo credit: Jeremy Greive

Sandra Sully

Sandra Sully

Episode image

29th Jan 2024

Annabelle Chauncy OAM

A little charity making a big impact

Episode image

15th Jan 2024

Gail O'Brien AO

Shining a light on cancer care

Episode image

1st Jan 2024

Yolanda Saiz

Taking care of the community

Episode image

18th Dec 2023

Tara Moss

Welcome to Season 6!

Episode image

2nd Oct 2023

Women in Media

A source of inspiration

Episode image

19th Sep 2023

Jelena Dokic

Our stories make us stronger

Episode image

4th Sep 2023

Sally Dowling SC

Paving the way for women in senior legal roles

Episode image

21st Aug 2023

Kristina Karlsson

Never forget to dream big and aim high

Episode image

7th Aug 2023

Christina Hobbs

Helping women take control of their finances

Episode image

24th Jul 2023

Dr Karla Lopez

She knows what makes us tick, but what makes her tick?

Episode image

10th Jul 2023

Mary Konstantopoulos

Levelling an uneven playing field

Episode image

26th Jun 2023

Maryjane Schwenke

Walking backwards into the future

Episode image

12th Jun 2023

Andie Halas OAM

The most ethical solution to fashion excess

Episode image

29th May 2023

Dr Manasi Mittinty

The importance of staying true to your values

Episode image

15th May 2023

Kat Stewart

The importance of telling women’s stories

Episode image

1st May 2023

Josie Clarke

Connecting the disconnected and the rural world

Episode image

17th Apr 2023

Dr Kirstin Ferguson AM

Get ready to unleash your inner leader

Episode image

3rd Apr 2023

Faith Agugu

Redefining ageing

Episode image

20th Mar 2023

Buds & Beads

Spilling the tea on an Australian first

Episode image

6th Mar 2023

Rosemary Kariuki OAM

Season 5 is here!

Episode image

14th Dec 2022

A Message From Sandra

Australia's Best Interview podcast will be back in 2023

Episode image

24th Oct 2022

Natassia Nicolao

Conserving beautiful behaviour

Episode image

10th Oct 2022

Bruna Papandrea

Championing women on and off screen

Episode image

26th Sep 2022

Professor Veena Sahajwalla

The waste warrior turning trash into treasure

Episode image

12th Sep 2022

Erica Berchtold

Using curiosity to fashion the future

Episode image

29th Aug 2022

Dr Rebecca Johnson AM

An Australian in DC

Episode image

15th Aug 2022

Nicole Livingstone OAM

Still kicking goals

Episode image

1st Aug 2022

Anita Jacoby AM

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction

Episode image

18th Jul 2022

Myf Warhurst

Heading in the right direction

Episode image

6th Jun 2022

Jessica Brown

Magic happens when women work together

Episode image

4th Jul 2022

Stacy Jane

Caged birds can fly again

Episode image

20th Jun 2022

Lisa McGuigan

Stop and smell the rosé

Episode image

23rd May 2022

Nicola Forrest AO

A country girl at heart

Episode image

9th May 2022

Michelle Bowditch

Why do we base who you are on your job title?

Episode image

25th Apr 2022

Lenore Taylor

A journalist's story

Episode image

11th Apr 2022

Natalie Walker

Welcome to Season 4!

Episode image

10th Jan 2022

Dr Hannah Korrel

It's not you, it's me

Episode image

27th Dec 2021

Colleen Callander

From shop floor to CEO and beyond

Episode image

13th Dec 2021

Naomi Steer

Providing a better future for millions of displaced people

Episode image

10th Dec 2021

Women Of The Future - Hannah Diviney

Harnessing the power of a pen and a platform

Episode image

22nd Nov 2021

Women Of The Future - Mannie Kaur Verma

Helping women find their voice

Episode image

15th Nov 2021

Women Of The Future - Angelique Wan

No really does mean no

Episode image

8th Nov 2021

Women Of The Future - JAM The Label

Making comfort cool

Episode image

1st Nov 2021

Women Of The Future - She Runs

The future of politics is female

Episode image

25th Oct 2021

Women Of The Future - Camille Goldstone-Henry

Harnessing technology for the future of the planet

Episode image

18th Oct 2021

Collette Dinnigan AO

Dressed for success

Episode image

11th Oct 2021

Julia Morris

Funny Lady

Episode image

28th Sep 2021

Sister Mary-Lynne Cochrane

A nun with a habit

Episode image

14th Sep 2021

Sarah Prime

Championing rural change

Episode image

30th Aug 2021

Rhiannon Ward

What’s your superpower?

Episode image

16th Aug 2021

Sam Mostyn AO - Part 2

Boardroom Bound

Episode image

3rd Aug 2021

Sam Mostyn AO - Part 1

Leading by example

Episode image

3rd May 2021

Sue Brierley

I am mother, hear me roar

Episode image

20th Apr 2021

Lola Berry

Finding the right recipe for happiness

Episode image

5th Apr 2021

Elise Biaylew

Bringing body and mind together

Episode image

22nd Mar 2021

Fabian Dattner

Making dreams come true

Episode image

8th Mar 2021

NSW SES Commissioner Carlene York APM

A woman for all seasons

Episode image

22nd Feb 2021

Dimitra Zographos

Not all superheroes wear capes

Episode image

9th Feb 2021

Malaan Ajang & Tina Kuek

Amazing racers

Episode image

23rd Nov 2020

Ronni Kahn AO

The ultimate food fighter

Episode image

9th Nov 2020

Kim McKay AO

Harnessing history, naturally

Episode image

29th Oct 2020

Wendy McCarthy AO

The specialist generalist who never stops

Episode image

12th Oct 2020

Katherine Firkin

A killer story

Episode image

29th Sep 2020

Sam Bloom

How birdsong helped cure heartache

Episode image

14th Sep 2020

Marina Go

Marina doesn’t take being Chair sitting down

Episode image

31st Aug 2020

The Hon. Bronnie Taylor MLC

Highlighting the issues that matter

Episode image

17th Aug 2020

Sally McManus

Game on

Episode image

29th Jun 2020

Professor Clare Wright OAM

Smashing the bronze ceiling

Episode image

15th Jun 2020

Betty Klimenko

The larger-than-life matriarch of motorsport

Episode image

1st Jun 2020

Deborra-Lee Furness

A huge heart and a personality to match

Episode image

19th May 2020

Josephine Sukkar

Building on family values

Episode image

4th May 2020

Catherine Fox

The changing workplace dynamic

Episode image

20th Apr 2020

Beverley McGarvey

How to turn your obsession into a career

Episode image

7th Apr 2020

Gabrielle Dolan

Sometimes it's good to tell tales

Episode image

23rd Mar 2020

Cecily McGuckin

It takes nerves of steel to be a female leader in a man’s world

Episode image

8th Mar 2020

Kate Jenkins

Kate Jenkins is stamping out sexual harassment in the workplace

Episode image

25th Feb 2020

Eliane Miles

By 2030, 85 per cent of us will be working in jobs that don’t exist yet.

Episode image

10th Feb 2020

Dr Amantha Imber

In a digitally-addicted world, Dr Imber reminds us to stop and smell the roses

Episode image

28th Jan 2020

Edwina McCann

Harnessing the power and keeping Vogue in fashion

Episode image

13th Jan 2020

Beam Australia

Meet the women who are revolutionising the part-time workforce

Episode image

6th Jan 2020

Marita Cheng

Marita Cheng really is the poster girl for STEM

Episode image

17th Dec 2019

Olivia Wirth

The CEO of Qantas Loyalty chats to Sandra about her remarkable career

Episode image

5th Dec 2019

Julie Bishop

Julie opens up about the ups and downs of being in the public eye

Episode image

2nd Dec 2019

Cyan Ta'eed

The unstoppable entrepreneur takes us from chocolate to impostor syndrome

Episode image

12th Nov 2019

Sandra Sully

Short Black producer Ali Aitken interviews Sandra Sully

Episode image

12th Nov 2019

Brittany Taylor and Francesca Cumani

Brittany Taylor and Francesca Cumani covering Network 10's Melbourne cup.

Episode image

12th Nov 2019

Amanda Elliott

Amanda is the first female to be appointed the Victoria Racing Club chairperson.

Episode image

25th Oct 2019

Katie Page

A passionate advocate of women in racing

Episode image

25th Oct 2019

Gai Waterhouse

Gai Waterhouse has trained 135 Group 1 winner and a Melbourne Cup winner

Episode image

25th Oct 2019

Cathie Reid

Making the most of every day

Episode image

25th Oct 2019

Jacqui Louez Schoorl

Giving the people behind the record the credit they deserve

Episode image

24th Oct 2019

Kath Koschel

Why kindness is key