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Would I Lie To You? Australia - S1 Ep. 8
M | Comedy

Air Date: Mon 18 Apr 2022

Host Chrissie Swan and Team Captains, Frank Woodley and Chris Taylor are joined by Jimmy Rees, Casey Donovan, Annie Maynard and Nick Cody as they reveal genuine truths and manufacture ginormous lies

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About the Show

Each week teams captained by Chris Taylor and Frank Woodley will be made up of celebs and comedians as they compete to bamboozle each other with outrageous fibs and falsehoods.

The teams will reveal some incredible, shocking and often bizarre stories about themselves, some of which are too good to be true. The twist is, some of them aren’t true at all.

Our teams will have to grill their opponents for details, looking for any suspicious hints that what they’re hearing might actually be a pile of hogwash. The aim of the game is to fool your opposing team into believing even the most outrageous lies.