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The Living Room - 2022 Ep. 18
G | Lifestyle

Air Date: Fri 12 Aug 2022

Stylist Chyka Keebaugh helps Baz with a rental makeover. Miguel makes Italian inspired woodfired pizza at home and Chris builds a home among the gumtrees for some furry friends.

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About the Show

Get ready to welcome Australia’s most loved hosts back into your home when four-time TV Week Logie Award winning The Living Room returns to 10 in 2020. Amanda, Chris, Barry and Miguel are back and ready to reveal their most inspiring project to date.

The Living Room returns with a fresh new look and a brand-new home, out in the real world. The awesome foursome have stepped out of the studio and upgraded their space to a home base Marie Kondo couldn’t compete with.

Each episode will feature everyday Australians who could bene t from a little TLC. That’s where our friendly hosts step in. Amanda, Chris, Barry and Miguel will help guide, educate and enlighten these Aussie’s on food, renovation, lifestyle and everything in between.

We’ll get to know each of our hosts on a whole new level as they delve into their own life experiences and hardships.

They will also be pushed well past their own skillset and challenged to take on new tasks outside of their comfort zone.

Is Barry equipped to knock up a cheeky paella in the kitchen? Can we trust Miguel to take an iguana’s temperature while Chris attempts to build a bookshelf? And who knew Amanda was so handy with a pottery wheel?

Do you know your doohickey’s from your thingamijig’s? Featuring an array of surprises and diverse guests, each week our hosts will be up against the tricky segment, Guest That Gadget. Whereby, a well-known visitor will stop by Home Base carrying a mysterious item in a briefcase leaving Amanda, Chris, Barry and Miguel to guess before the end of their visit.

The Living Room will serve up a multitude of uplifting and inspiring stories, with the guarantee of laughs along the way.

With genuine warmth and infectious chemistry, The Living Room family invites viewers to relax and start the weekend on the right note.

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