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The First Inventors - S1 Ep. 4
PG | Documentary

Air Date: Thu 6 Jul 2023

Indigenous knowledge teams up with cutting-edge science to develop lifesaving medicines and combat climate change. But to tackle humanity's future challenges, first we need to heal the past.

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About the Show

Logie Award-winning actor and proud Tiwi Islander man Rob Collins leads a team of First Nations investigators in uncovering more than 65,000 years of invention and innovation.

The First Inventors is the story of how entire landscapes were transformed, how prehistoric events were recorded as far back as the last ice age, how people navigated over extraordinary distances, and how whole societies were organised.

From ancient superhighways for trade, long distance communication systems using secret languages engraved into message sticks, and unique social systems built to maintain genetic diversity, The First Inventors not only explores the past, but questions whether this ancient knowledge might hold answers to humanity’s most pressing modern challenges.