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Dessert Masters - S1 Ep. 1
PG | Reality

Air Date: Sun 12 Nov 2023

With the only immunity pin on the line, ten chefs create their very own dessert Masterpieces vying for the first win of the competition.



About the Show

Prepare for a sweet treat when Dessert Masters arrives to push sweet delights into a whole new dimension.

Like cinnamon and sugar, some pairings are perfection, and our judges are no exception. Headlined by judge Melissa Leong alongside internationally renowned chef and social media superstar Amaury Guichon, this competition is set to bring out the best of the absolute best in the business.

10 of the country’s elite pastry pioneers, chefs and chocolatiers will whisk it all in the Dessert Masters kitchen, ready to go head-to-head in a dazzling display of dessert, each vying to become the competition’s inaugural champion and win $100,000 in prize money.

As the judges set some of the most difficult challenges ever seen, the calibre of cooking will be as high as their expectations. Indulgent inspiration will come from all corners – from nostalgia to mentors, nature to pop culture, art to film and beyond. Precision mixed with boundless creativity will produce dishes that are as spectacular as they are delicious.

In a kitchen where science, art and dreams collide, it’s clear these chefs will need a cup of passion, a heaped tablespoon of dedication, a splash of creativity and a whole lot of skill to come out on top. There will be heart-in-mouth moments on the road to ambitious achievements, and with established reputations on the line, the stiff peaks are high.