Plane Passenger Shocked By Barefoot Couple Spooning For The Entire Flight

A passenger on a recent flight has shared his bewilderment at witnessing two of his fellow travellers engaging in intimate behaviour, spending most of the journey entwined lying down across a row of seats.

If this doesn't sound so bad to you, wait for this: both were barefoot.

The shocked passenger, known as Flea, vented about his recent flight experience on X, sharing images of the couple's actions. 

The duo had their bare feet protruding into the aisle while their legs were intertwined in a spooning position.

It's assumed the couple had scored an empty seat next to them, that or there was a third overly polite person being squashed under the weight of their PDA.

This incident sparked renewed debate about airplane etiquette following recent controversies where passengers propped their feet on seats or wore seatbelts incorrectly.

Flea captioned his shared snapshots, "Can't believe my view on the plane. It was like this the whole four-hour flight."

One of the photos shows the couple lying across three seats, with the woman's legs wrapped around her partner, her bare foot resting on the tray table. In another image, they form a heart shape with their hands above their heads while continuing to cuddle.

A third photo captures the man with one bare foot on the floor and the woman partially on top of him, holding onto the seat headrest in an apparent effort to stabilize herself.

Commenters online expressed their disapproval of the couple's behaviour, particularly their barefoot sprawl across the seats.

Some questioned why the flight attendant didn't intervene, while others expressed annoyance at the bare feet. One commenter admitted they would have been fixated on the man's feet throughout the flight.

Concerns were also raised about safety, with one user remarking, "This isn't even safe," and another predicting the couple would breakup within two months.