Is Australia Ready To Legalise Marijuana As Another European Country Changes Laws

Another European country has legalised recreational marijuana use.

As the clock hit midnight in Berlin, Germans celebrated new laws legalising the recreational use of marijuana.

Anyone over 18 can now carry up to 25 grams of dried cannabis in public and grow up to three plants at home. 

From July 1, growers associations of up to 500 members can be established to grow and distribute the drugs on a not-for-profit basis. 

Smoking joints within 200 metres of schools or in “pedestrian zones” during the day will be banned.

However, the changes still leave Germany with some of the most liberal cannabis laws in Europe, alongside Malta and Luxembourg. 

Other places that allow recreational use include Canada, South Africa, Mexico and, as of 2020, the ACT here in Australia, where adults may possess up to 50 grams of dried cannabis and grow up to two plants each.

But while medical marijuana is legal Australia-wide, using it recreationally is banned in all other states and territories. 

While those in favour say easing laws would eliminate the black market and improve quality control, the Australian Medical Association is more cautious.

But as more countries legalise smoking weed, is it just a matter of time before Australia joins them?