Collectible Bluey Coins Sold For $55 Now Selling For Over $2,000

The highly anticipated Bluey coins quickly sold out when the Royal Australian Mint released them last week, and resellers are now cashing in on the demand.

The three-coin set, which originally sold for $55, was selling for as much as $2,000 on eBay, while the individual coins, which sold for a retail price of $20 each, are being listed as high as $500. 

The collection quickly sold out when it became available for purchase last Thursday through the online Mint shop and some licensed distributors.

Of the 90,000 Bluey commemorative coins, 75,000 were in the three-coin sets, and the remaining 15,000 were sold as individual coins - 5,000 of each unique design. 

The Mint anticipated high demand for the coins and encouraged hopefuls to register for an online ballot to get their hands on the limited collection.

Royal Australian Mint chief executive Leigh Gordon believes all the coins have now been sold.