Canned Beetroot Listed For $65 On eBay Amid Beetroot Shortage On Supermarket Shelves

There's a beetroot shortage in Australia, and some opportunistic Aussies are trying to capitalise on increasing prices.

A tin of 425gm Edgell Sliced Beetroot has been spotted on eBay selling for more than $65, while a 450gm tin of Golden Circle Beetroot is selling for nearly $38.

Customers have found it increasingly difficult to find beetroot on the shelves at supermarkets, which typically retail them for between $2.80 and $5.90.

According to 9News, Coles blamed weather events on the lack of beetroot stock, while Woolworths said adverse growing conditions had affected supply.

"We're in close contact with our suppliers, and we're working on contingency plans to minimise any potential disruption to our customers," Woolworths said in a statement to 9News.

"We encourage customers to be flexible if the products they would usually purchase are not available."

Cyclone Gabrielle, which hit New Zealand six months ago, affected the supply to Golden Circle's New Zealand-based cannery. The company moved its canning from Brisbane to New Zealand in 2011 following its buyout by Kraft Heinz.

Image: Getty/eBay