ALDI Becomes The First Australian Supermarket To Only Sell Aussie Avocados

ALDI has become the first Australian supermarket to stock 100% Aussie avocados.

Data released by Avocados Australia found that Aussies consumed 4.76kg of avocados per person, with demand for the fruit doubling over the last ten years.

Avocados Australia welcomes ALDI's commitment to stocking 100% Australian-grown avocados in all 586 of its stores.

"ALDI's commitment to stock Australian avocados exclusively for this season ahead is a positive step forward for the industry given the strong supply we have forecasted from the region," CEO John Tyas said.

"The Australian avocado industry invests heavily in delivering consistent and high-quality Australian avocados to consumers, so this is a great win for consumers, ALDI and the Australian industry."

"Avocados have well and truly become a staple in many of our customer's weekly shops. By making this commitment this year, we are proud to be forming long term relationships with local growers and supporting them and their businesses to grow," Group Director of Produce at ALDI Australia, Matt Atley, said.

"Seeing that Avo farmers around Australia are having a strong start to the season, particularly through the September to February harvesting period, means we can meet our customers' insatiable demand for avos with purely Aussie fruit.

"It is always our intention to support Aussie growers first, so it makes complete sense for us to stock only Australian avocados in our stores."