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Man Claims To Have ‘Proof’ Of Alien Life On Mars

A UFO hunter has claimed he has “100% proof” there is alien life on Mars.

Scott C posted on his blog, UFO Sightings Daily, about photos that show a creature living on Mars.

The photos were taken by NASA’s Mars Rover, and Scott, who lives in Taiwan, claims the alien can be seen lying in the background on a rock.

"Everyone here knows I love to comb through NASA photos. Well, I came across something unique...something that is 100% proof of intelligent life."

"There is a person laying down watching the NASA Mars rover from a safe distance away.

"The person is about 1 foot tall, 0.3 meters, and is laying down, pinkish upper chest, neck, and face, reddish hair, wearing a dark suit, but has a grey object over one shoulder... looks like a backpack of some sort.”

Scott also claims that there are footprints in the area around the alien formation, proving it has walked there.