Hestons best

To celebrate Heston Week, here’s a gastronomic round-up of Mr Blumenthal’s most mindblowing dishes…

Edible garden

Heston wowed us all when he presented a yard-like platter with hedges made from microherbs and salad leaves, vegetable 'plants', dried olive 'soil', potato 'stones' and egg mayo gribiche to represent a path. When he first revealed this dish on a British TV show, the garden came complete with edible insects too!

Bacon ice cream

Heston twigged that tongues love the juxtaposition of sweet and savoury. He lightly roasted bacon with the fat on, infused it in milk for 10 hours and blended it with eggs and sugar to create ice cream. He then dramatically 'scrambled' the mixture using liquid nitrogen at his customers' tables!

Snail porridge

We first saw this dish on MasterChef in 2010. The base was green snail butter with garlic, mushrooms, shallots, almonds and parsley. The porridge was made from oats, snails, fennel, sherry and parma ham.

Mock turtle soup

Although Heston's scientific cooking seems futuristic, he is a big history buff. In his Victorian Feast TV series, he used the history dish mock turtle soup to recreate the story of the Mad Hatter's Tea Party from Alice in Wonderland. The soup came with flecks of gold and a fake pocket watch!

'Burger and milkshake'

Season 3's MasterChef contestants knew it would be no easy feat to recreate Heston's burger with fries and milkshake. Especially when they discovered that the dish called for dry ice, fermented bread dough, rolled up strands of chuck steak and beef brisket and pharmacy-grade sodium citrate!

Meat fruit

We first saw this chicken pate fashioned into an 'orange' when 2010's Callum and Aaron were challenged to make it in London. Heston still serves this dish on the menu of his London restaurant Dinner.

Sound of the Sea

This oceanic platter featured in 2010 MasterChef was made up of cured halibut, mackerel with five different seaweeds, sea jelly beans, monks beards, 'sand' made from tapioca, breadcrumbs and miso paste and... wait for it… 'sound' side dishes of seagull calls, children's laughter and a ship's horn.