MasterChef Australia 2024: Meet The Final 3

With just a few challenges to go, these three chefs are vying for the top spot and the title of MasterChef Australia for 2024.

This season, 22 of Australia's best home cooks have pushed themselves in one of the toughest culinary competitions the country has to offer, and now just three remain.

With only a handful of challenges separating them from the $250,000 cash prize and the title of MasterChef, one of these three chefs will hold the trophy above their head and have their name etched into the hall of fame.

Meet the top 3 for 2024:


Throughout the competition, Sav has shown her technical ability and creative approach to so many challenges. From her delicate desserts to the overwhelming generosity of her banquets and curries, Sav never holds back when it comes to flavour.

We've loved seeing Sav represent Sri Lankan cuisine throughout, often using her memories of her mum and the dishes that she grew up eating and cooking alongside her to inspire her in the competition. Much like our beloved Poh, Sav did find herself out of the competition after a pressure test, but was able to immediately win her apron back and has been a force to be reckoned with ever since. Can she take this momentum all the way to the top spot?

Memorable dishes: 


Carolina Reaper Prawn Consommé

Tropical Squid Ceviche with Mango, Chilli, Coconut and Curry Leaf

Follow Sav on Instagram at @savisquishles


The humble butcher from Tassie, Pezza -- as he's better known in the MasterChef kitchen -- has brought his years of butchery knowledge to the competition. His down-to-earth approach to dishes has seen him refine his skills, constantly learning from the judges' feedback and the other cooks in the competition.

But where Pez really shines is during pressure tests, pushing aside any self-doubt the butcher becomes the conqueror when he tackles even the toughest challenges, plating up near-perfect replicas of award-winning dishes.

Memorable dishes:

Nanna Marg’s Jelly Sponge

Spatchcock, Pineapple and Turnip Cabbage Rolls with Baby Mandarin Sauce

Lamb Cutlets, Cauliflower and Cheese Croquettes, Peas Two Ways with Jus

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From winning the first Immunity Challenge (and the only Immunity Pin of the season) to winning the final immunity that sent her straight through to finals week, Nat has been a contender from the get-go. With her unique perspective and ability to blend modern Australian flavours with Thai cuisine, Nat has continued to wow the judges with her out-there dishes.

A risk-taker at heart, Nat's gung-ho approach to the competition has been both her greatest strength, and occasionally her undoing, but she always delivers where it counts the most. Throughout the competition, Nat has also honed her instincts and has subsequently fallen more in love with the world of cooking than ever before.

Memorable dishes:

Kangaroo Larb with Soy Cured Egg Yolk & Toasted Rice Wafer

Roasted Bone Marrow, Jeow Som, Khao Jeep & Betel Leaf Pomelo Salad

Betel Leaf Herbal Cigars - Miang Kum

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MasterChef Australia continues Sunday - Tuesday at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play