10 Reasons To Get Excited About New MasterChef

Grab your aprons MasterChef fans, it’s time to get excited for a huge 10th season

1. Gary, George And Matt Are Back

Our favourite judges are back and ready to impart their wealth of knowledge on a new bunch of talented home cooks. Not only are we excited about the return to our favourite foodie trio, but we’re eager to see what fabulous suits Matt Preston parades this season!

2. Endless Amounts Of Mouth-Watering Food

We are dying to find out what heavenly dishes the new group of aspiring cooks will bring to the kitchen.  Every episode delivers delectable food that leaves us dying for a taste, like Michelle’s Golden Ball, Ben's Dutch Potato Salad or Karlie’s Shabu Shabu. We’re already salivating at the thought.

3. A New Batch Of Contestants

Each season of MasterChef has introduced us to lovable home chefs, many of whom have later evolved into household names. Justine Schofield, Julie Goodwin and Adam Liaw hit the ground running after their time on the show and have made it big in the culinary world. Which contestant will be the next household name?

4. Gordon Ramsay Is Coming

For the first time in MasterChef Australia history, internationally acclaimed chef, Gordon Ramsay, is coming to heat up the kitchen. Known for his undeniable talent, fiery temper and choice of expletives, we’re sure the Michelin-starred chef is sure to light a fire under the contestants and put them to the test. Will they be able to handle the heat?

5. The Return of Nigella Lawson

Nigellas Divine Indulgences

Returning for her third MasterChef Australia appearance, the queen of indulgence is bound to leave the contestants in a trance with her culinary skills. We can’t wait!

6. Amazing Guest Chefs

Maggie Beer, Curtis Stone and Adriano Zumbo are just a few of the big names attached to the upcoming season. With guest chefs as great as these, how could you not be excited?

7. More MasterClasses

MasterClasses give Gary, Matt and George (plus their special guests) the chance to show off their skills, top tips and favourite recipes, and we live for them. While we patiently wait for the first MasterClass of season 10, we’ll be busy making and remaking Matt’s Nuggets and ChipsGeorge’s Lamb Tortellini and Gary’s Beetroot and Chocolate. *Drool*

8. Out Of This World Pressure Tests

Anna Polyvious Pressure Test

We have seen some extraordinary pressure tests in past, with stand-outs like Christy Tania’s Ice Cream Float, Andy Bowdy’s Rita cake and Anna Polyviou’s Mess going down in MasterChef history. With promises of a season full of surprises, we’re sure the pressure tests will take things to a whole new level.

9. The Royal Reception

It’s been revealed that in a very special MasterChef challenge, this season the contestants will be tasked with catering a reception for His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales - it doesn’t get much bigger than that!

10. The Promise Of Huge Surprises

With the guarantee of even more surprises, we’re already convinced this season will be amazing.