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Rollerblading Cops Are Fighting Crime In Pakistan

The Karachi Police force just took it up a tubular notch.

If you’re a criminal in Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city, you better watch out. Because this 20-member armed police unit has a new edge to keep crime off the streets – rollerblades.

Farrukh Ali, the chief of the unit, told Reuters: “We felt we needed to come up with an innovative approach to control street crime.” And come up with it they did. It also means they can more easily chase criminals on motorcycles through traffic and down hard-to-reach alleyways.

It’s a total knockout.

Footage of the radical ‘blading cops is all in all pretty wholesome until the ‘practising shooting’ part starts. They just look like your average group of friends in the '80s, in conga line behind a motorbike, having a tubular goof in the sun before hitting the beach for some sick waves. Like some kind of plucky group of kids have their Dad’s camcorder and want to film their own backyard TV show.

Note that one cop bracing another while they shoot, otherwise they presumably slide backwards with every shot, flying backwards into bins while the offender escapes, possibly on rollerblades. Possibly not.

Is this just the first in a whack long line of improvements to the Karachi police force? Slap bands for handcuffs? Kangaroo Boots for stealthy entrances onto first floor balconies? Knocking out an escaping crim 20 meters away by flinging a Yo Ho Diablo at them?

The possibilities are endless.

Main image: Reuters.