Every Clue You Missed From The Grand Finale Of The Masked Singer Australia 2021

Our final three masks have been revealed and a winner crowned! But did you get all these clues?

Rather than the usual clue packages with heaps of secret hints to their identity, our final three masks gave us their final words, reflecting on their journey behind the mask.

This season has been jam-packed with surprise reveals and some absolutely incredible performances. With every celeb now unmasked, here are the final clues to the identity of Mullet, Vampire and Dolly from the grand finale.


Final Clues: From the moment I became the Mullet I became the Mullet! How much of this performance is me and how much is the mask? I really don’t know. This outlandish but brave mask let me act out in ways most of us don’t anymore and a lot of us miss.

Mullet isn’t just me mask, he’s me mate! I’d love a quiet chat with him after tonight is over, but Mullet is never quiet!

Song: ‘Born To Be Wild’ by SteppenWolf

Final Words: I love to take risks, ever since I was a wee little Mullet. Although my risk-taking has got me into a bit of trouble in the past, I have matured and calmed down a little. I won’t lie, I still want to push boundaries. You see, no matter how I change, music is who I am at heart.

Guesses: Axle Whitehead, Sam Worthington, Kelly Slater, Samuel Johnson


Final Clues: At first sight, Dolly isn’t like me at all, but then you see she has a certain grace and a level of whimsy that makes me laugh. It’s not an easy costume, but that gives me an even greater sense of achievement!

Dolly’s big, she’s bold and she’s beautiful! How can I not love Dolly? I’m Dolly and I sound as pretty as I look.

Song: ‘You've Got the Love’ by Florence + The Machine

Final Words: In my heart, I’m a singer. When I’m down it’s because I haven’t been singing. This wonderful mask has reminded everyone, including myself, of who I am.

Guesses: Ricki-Lee Coulter, Missy Higgins, Em Rusciano


Final Clues: Vampire is like me in so many ways. We both walk the space between two worlds, I wasn’t comfortable with that at first but I am now. Time gives wisdom and vampires have a lot of time. Two hearts beat inside this costume, mine and Vampire’s. Hers is fearless and I hope mine is too.

I am Vampire and I shall rule tonight!

Song: ‘Live and Let Die’ by Paul McCartney

Final Words: I am someone who always turns a negative into a positive. The mere fact that in these dark times I get to do what I love to do, I am beyond grateful. I feel blessed that I can do right here for you what I can’t do right now in my life.

Guesses: Anastacia, Shakira, Sheryl Crow

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