All The Clues From Episode 9 Of The Masked Singer Australia 2023

A brand new mask sailed into the competition and while The Captain sank his heart out, he was also the ninth celeb unmasked!

The last Wildcard mask of this season, The Captain was here for a very good time but not a long time, as he was the latest celebrity to unmask and reveal the famous face inside. With just a few clues and one absolute party of a performance, were you able to figure out who was behind the mask?

We were also treated to four more performances from some of our favourites, as well as a handful of brand-new clues and hints to their identities.

Here are all the clues from Episode 9 of The Masked Singer Australia:


Grim keeps winning over the guessing panel and this performance was no different, but he also had them crunching the numbers with references to scoring a 10 as well as 150 to one. During Grim’s clues, he was also standing next to a box of what looked like oranges - and maybe one rockmelon?

CLUES: Last time, death came knocking and the panel tried to guess the skeleton in my closet. Now, I’m ready to knock ‘em dead.

When you look back on your life you want to score a 10, it’s an important number to me. Of course, you could always aim even higher but success is 150 to one. In my life, I’ve seen it all, I’ve seen the ugly and I’ve seen the pretty and, while I take my job seriously, I am not my brother’s keeper. You know, life is complicated. That’s something you learn travelling this big world, and I have travelled all of it and more. Ambition is a good thing, it can take you from what’s holding you back. You don’t need to hide who you are… even though I still do.

SONG: I Ain’t Worried - OneRepublic

GUESSES: Dean Lewis, Matt Corby, One of the Boyz II Men guys, Mika


Cow Girl really thrilled the judges with their performance, and in the clues there were a lot of hints relating to flowers, with Cow Girl even doing a tango with a rose in her teeth. One of her bodyguards also held up a sign that read “heart plus heart”. Finally, Cow Girl was seen playing the fiddle as a frog hopped across the screen. Do you know who this could be?

CLUES: In the last performance I had everyone going Gaga, time to saddle up! Don’t worry, this isn’t my first rodeo.

Now is the time for this Cow Girl to bloom. I’m not talking about dancing, I’ve always had two right feet. If you could turn back time… you’d see I’m a born entertainer. It gives me a sense of euphoria. So, is my life an act? I certainly play the part and I can act very neighbourly when called upon.

SONG: What About Me - Moving Pictures

GUESSES: Trevor Ashley, Sophie Monk, Chad Michaels, Guy Pearce


While the Captain wasn’t around for long, he sure did make a splash! During his clues, the guessing panel picked up on a sports theme with references to ‘big blue’, stingrays and the use of the word goal a few times. Were these just red herrings, or did the panel crack the case before you did?!

CLUES: I’m the Captain and I’m known to enjoy the laidback lifestyle. You know, having fun is my main goal in life, but I’ve had many other goals. Of course, it’s not all plain sailing, but what’s a cruise without stormy seas?

Some people dread the big blue, but not me because over time I made friends on the high seas… a lot of friends, like stingrays! I love stingrays. They helped me keep my dreams afloat, wot wot! Seriously, if you can’t handle the fun my way on my cruise, you need to toughen up like me! Regrets? No way! Because what happens on a tropical cruise stays on a tropical cruise, wot wot! And that’s why I sailed for warmer climbs. Fun ahoy!

SONG: Hey Baby (If You'll be My Girl) - DJ Otzi

GUESSES: Gyton Grantley, Wally Lewis, Brendan Fevola, Rick Springfield


Snow Fox has been known to totally stun the guessing panel - and us at home - and this performance was no exception. During her clues, Snow Fox was first seen being papped by a series of photographers, before she was flanked by two versions of the Statue of Liberty. There was also not one but two snow globes featured in this clue package, one she shook up in her hand while the other sat behind her on a table featuring a Christmas tree.

CLUES: My last performance was snow joke, and the panel tried to break the ice! Watch out foxy fans as I freeze the day!

As a Snow Fox, I want to do my job and look good doing it, even statuesque, royal, but always contemporary. Sitting here, I’ve taken a very strong sense of deja vu, there’s a real feeling of intimacy, don’t you think? Or maybe it’s more obvious, like… what have I inked? And there’s not enough wisdom in the world, or compassion, that’s the one thing I would change.

SONG: Castles - Freya Ridings

GUESSES: Jessie J, Lorde, Idina Menzel, Jessica Mauboy


Bouncer has the guessing panel hopping mad when it comes to his secret celebrity identity, and in the clues tonight we saw him holding a baby roo, maybe a reference to a Joey of his very own? Bouncer was also standing in front of some colourful bowls, yellow, red, blue and purple. Why do those colours sound so familiar?

CLUES: Last time I nearly ended up as roadkill, and my identity kept them spinning on their tails. Look out Australia, this roo is ready to rumble!

Being a doorman is a little bit mysterious, you gotta play it cool. Hey, you! Hold up, are you 18? No? Then come on in! But no staying past midnight. You know, I love the Aussie countryside, but I felt pretty welcome in the Big Apple too. Those yanks say grace before every meal! Good people. I don’t know about you, but I like to lend other people a hand. Of course, flying solo isn’t so bad either.

SONG: Even When I’m Sleeping - Leonardo's Bride

GUESSES: Conrad Sewell, Leo Sayer, Tim Cahill, Nathan Foley

The Masked Singer Australia continues Mondays and Tuesdays at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play