All The Clues From Episode 2 Of The Masked Singer Australia 2022

Five more celebrities made their debut on the Masked Singer stage, but can you figure out who’s under the mask?

After our very first celebrity was revealed on Sunday night, Monday saw five fabulous new performers grace us with stunning performances, and with them a whole new batch of clues.

Get your sleuthing on with all the clues from Episode 2:


Our first performer of the night crowed his way into the panel’s hearts. Before his debut performance, Rooster’s clues saw him presiding over his Poultry Palace before he was fitted for some boxing gloves in a gym that had a poster of an AUSCAR Championship. Later, in a very Matrix-inspired backdrop, Rooster gave a bodyguard a haircut. Rooster was also seen reading a book titled ‘Australia’s Great Churches’ while two bodyguards took turns slapping each other next to a framed photo of Frank Sinatra.

Clues: I am Rooster, and I’m cocky for a reason. Some people see me as untamed, I’m okay with that. Maybe that’s why I’m so close to doing all the dumb things. Family is important to me, privately and publicly, but I don’t like to do a big song and dance about it. As a child, I learned about attitude. It’s kept me out of the darkest places, except once: a place without a chandelier. I’m the Rooster and I’m the boss of this barnyard.

Song: “24K Magic” by Bruno Mars

Panel Question: Are you a religious person?

Answer: Where I grew up, I was surrounded by religion.

Guesses: Keanu Reeves, David Guetta, Russell Brand, John Farnham


While their identity is still a mystery, one thing’s for certain the Tiger had all of us swooning. In Tiger’s clues, he was seen playing the piano next to one bodyguard playing the violin and another stroking what looked like a stuffed dingo toy. The piano also had a photo of Chelsea Clinton, a gold ribbon and the music score for the theme from BMX Bandits. Tiger was then seen wearing a tutu, measuring a chair next to a circus tent.

Clues: I’m the Tiger, beautiful but powerful and dangerous. Although I am a Tiger, I do have links to lions. Either way, I love nature. The thunder doesn’t scare me, I just block it from my mind. But I do prefer the sun. I’m comfortable in the jungle, or even a nature strip. I am the Tiger, and I will tear this competition apart.

Song: “Feeling Good” by Cy Grant

Panel Question: You said you prefer the sun, are you a swimmer or an Iron Man?

Answer: I can tell you this, my childhood was very, very physical.

Guesses: Jamie Durie, Paul Gascoigne, Jett Kenny, Tom Cruise


The fabulously floral Snapdragon was a singing sensation, but in their clues, they were seen holding a sign that read “Snapdragons love Jim Carrey” while a bodyguard approached holding a small chandelier. Then Snapdragon was doing a workout, while their bodyguard lifted a weight that said 100, our secret celeb went with something a little lighter and lifted a weight that said one.

Clues: I’m Snapdragon and I’ve got the looks and the bite. Snapdragons may not breathe fire, but we are determined. The world of flowers is tough, we compete for our time in the sun but even then, you don’t really see me as I am. That’s why some people call me mysterious. I’m Snapdragon, and it’s time for me to blossom.

Song: “Sorry Not Sorry” by Demi Lovato

Guesses: Peter Andre, Trixie Mattel, Renée Zellweger, Courtney Act


As Caterpillar spoke about being found everywhere, a bodyguard pointed to a map that had several spots highlighted including Edmonton, Los Angeles, Moscow, Barcelona, Brisbane and Auckland. As a bodyguard ironed a royal-looking cape, Caterpillar was knighted by another bodyguard while, in the corner of the screen, a little Caterpillar counter ticked up to 15.

Clues: I’m the Caterpillar but I see myself as a butterfly. You can find caterpillars everywhere, from coast to jungle. My empire is far and wide. I’ve travelled the world without travelling far at all. You can find me on the road and even in the air, I’m always on the move. I’ve been a scholar, I’ve also been a world champion, but not what you think. And did you know Caterpillars can jump? I’m Caterpillar and I will take the trophy home with me!

Song: “Cloudy Day” by Tones and I

Guesses: Carrie Bickmore, Sally Pearson, Emily Seebohm, Schapelle Corby


The deliciously entertaining Popcorn was the last to take to the stage but, during his clues, we saw the tasty treat standing on a desert road holding a sign that said “Fame” as pink clouds rolled by in the background. Then, a bodyguard appeared holding a tray with a baseball, a bible and a rubber snake on it. Popcorn picked up the snake and gave it a kiss before he was seen on a desert island where a tiger roared beside him.

Clues: Hi, I’m Popcorn, let’s have some fun! I went from nothing to huge in the blink of an eye, or that’s how it seems to you but there’s a lot of work in being an overnight success. Wikipedia says Popcorn’s ancestors come from Mexico, I don’t think that’s true but maybe it is because I’ve been in a lot of places. It’s hard to know where home is, if I got stuck on a desert island who would I want to be with? Kylie of course, and Lady Gaga. I’m Popcorn, and I’m here to have fun!

Song: “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing” by Scissor Sisters

Panel Question: There was a tropical island in the clues, have you done Survivor or a Love Island reality show?

Answer: I have a very strong connection to a particular island, but it’s certainly not where I found love.

Guesses: Gotye, Rick Springfield, Troye Sivan, Tristan MacManus

The Masked Singer Australia airs Sunday - Tuesday at 7.30pm on 10 and 10 play on demand.