Jodi Anasta Our New Neighbour

Jodi Anasta on her experience joining Neighbours

What was your first day on set like? 

It was so much fun. I worked with Carla (Steph), Scott (Mark), Matty (Aaron) and Trav (Tyler) and we had this really fun scene where all the boys had their shirts off and I had to perv on them and deliver my story. It was tough (she laughs). I was so nervous, but the boys really helped me along.

Has anyone taken you under their wing and looked after you?

I would say Olympia a little bit and Scott. I’m kind of half living here and half living in Sydney. I now have two homes, which is funny. But Scott, Olympia and Travis have been a big help.


What’s Elly been up to since she was last in Erinsborough? 

Elly has been living in Bondi most recently, but has also spent some time with her mother in Sweeden. She has become a schoolteacher, so she has come back to Erinsborough to teach with Susan, which is nice. She’s also a bit of a party animal, and is dealing with a broken heart. I think Elly is a bit different to the last time she was here, she has gone through those young adult years where you test the boundaries.

What can we expect from Elly during her time on the street? 

She will ruffle some feathers, annoy a lot of people, manipulate some situations and cause drama and havoc. But at the end of the day, once she settles in, she’ll make friends and they will learn to love her, because she is a good person. But to start with she has some personal issue to battle.

Elly seems pretty keen on the Brennan brothers, who would Jodi choose out of the three boys? 

Don’t make me play favorites. I love them all. I guess Mark? He’s the older police type.