Andrew Morley shares his thoughts on John Doe's true identity

Andrew Morley introduces us to Father Jack Callahan

How was it filming the big reveal?

It was great. On the day we filmed it, John rummages through a large bag that holds the secrets to his identity and the episode ends with him discovering who he is – but in classic soap fashion. The audience has to wait until the next episode to find the answer. And it isn’t until John invites Paige down to the cop shop, that John finally is able to reveal his true identity of Jack.

Now that John has been revealed to be Jack Callahan, tell us more about him.

Well, he’s a Priest from Northern Queensland. He found himself in Erinsborough after a tragic accident. He was travelling so that he could clear his head, and decided to visit a friend that lived just outside of Erinsborough – which is why he was near Lassiter’s on the day of the explosion.

How does Paige react?

Not well. After months of on and off - John (Jack) and Paige had finally committed to each other, and had said “you know what, lets just go for it” – and it was literally that day, that episode that John discovers who he is.


Is that a heavy weight on John’s shoulders? Does he struggle with feelings of guilt for the way he feels about Paige?

Ohhh yeah. I mean they just reconciled and kissed that day, and now he has these questions he needs to answer. If Jack has all these feelings for someone, then how can have made the decision to dedicate himself to God?

What’s in store for John?

Lots of push and pull, lots of decision to make. But Jack has a huge part to play in the ‘Outreach’ centre which will be a really positive thing for the show as well as the community of Erinsborough. It’s a great backdrop for a lot of the drama coming up between Paige and Jack.