All The Crazy Disasters Toadie Has Survived

Well, crap. Toadie’s stuck on an island, alone and unconscious, after falling victim to Finn’s evil wrath. He’s knocking on deaths door, yet again. Will he survive?! Well, he has to, ‘cause he’s Toadie.

He’s invincible, right? RIGHT?!?

Here are some other crazy disasters Toadie has narrowly survived, further cementing his legacy as one of Erinsborough’s greatest characters of all time.

The Cutting Of The Mullet

Sorry, but what was Lou Carpenter thinking when he decided to take a pair of scissors and hack away at the most luscious set of locks this country has ever laid eyes on? The scene can only be described as a travesty and we’re still not over it. #BringBackTheMullet.

Toadie Neighbours 35th Anniversary on 10 peach and 10 play 2020

Driving Off A Cliff With His New Wife, Dee

It was the perfect love story. Toadie fell in love with his mate Dee, proposed to her in their kitchen, and they planned a beautiful outdoorsy wedding. In a split second, their world came crashing down (literally) when he accidentally drove their car over a cliff and into the ocean. While Toadie only just managed to escape the wreckage, he lost his life partner for good (well, until she returned in 2019 but that’s a WHOLE other story.)

Being Shot In The Back

When Toadie tried to escape from being held hostage by some crim named Guy, he was shot in the back. The bullet was so close to his spine, it couldn’t be removed. Honestly, it’s a miracle he survived the ordeal at all.

Having His Drink Spiked

Another dodgy bloke named Robbo tried to spike Sonya’s apple juice – knowing full well that she was a recovered alcoholic – but Toadie accidentally drank it instead. Thankfully, the worst that happened was that he lost a day’s worth of memories.

Toadie Neighbours 35th Anniversary on 10 peach and 10 play 2020

Hit By A Car

After discovering Paige was her granddaughter – via a journal entry where Paige described her as ‘Grandma Witch’ – Kathy Carpenter lost her mind and drove straight into Toadie.

Thankfully, the worst of his injuries was a fractured coccyx – i.e, broke his bum – and had to get around with a donut cushion for a while. Ouch!

The Bouncy Castle Incident 

Toadie will never again feel joy when looking at jumping castles, after being seriously injured trying to rescue his daughter Nell from one that wasn’t safely fastened to the ground.

He lost all feeling in his legs due to a fracture in his vertebra and ended up in a wheelchair for quite a while. One of the saddest moments was when his Nell refused to hug him because she was too scared of his wheelchair. Heartbreaking!

Toadie Neighbours 35th Anniversary on 10 peach and 10 play 2020

Trapped In The Erinsborough High Fire

Learning to get around in a wheelchair was hard enough, getting stuck in a burning school with no access to the lift or ramp was just plain awful.

Thankfully his wife Sonya and his bestie Steph, rescued him before we lost him for good.

Toadie Neighbours 35th Anniversary on 10 peach and 10 play 2020

Hit By A Taxi

When Toadie discovered the woman he just slept with in some London hotel, wasn’t his former dead wife, but a con artist named Andrea, he ran off and managed to get hit by an oncoming taxi.

Hasn’t anybody taught you how to check for cars before crossing the road, Toadie? Left, right, and left again!

Not sure what’s more excruciating – getting hit by another vehicle, or learning your wife accidentally saw you have an affair via a video chat you forgot to disconnect.

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