Every Clue You Missed From Episode 8 Of The Masked Singer Australia 2021

It’s semi-final time! And pretty soon we’ll be unmasking all of our remaining celebs.

But before we get to the grand finale of Season 3, here are all the clues and hints from Episode 8 of The Masked Singer Australia.


Once again seen checking himself out in a mirror, Kebab wasn’t alone in admiring himself, seen also having what looked like a coffee date in his Kebab van. Later, Kebab handed a delicious looking wrap to one of his bodyguards who was wearing a cork hat, but when he handed one to a bodyguard wearing an American Uncle Sam hat, they were less than thrilled.

Kebab also wore a tiara as two bejewelled sceptres fell from the sky beside him. Is this late-night snack gunning for Miss Congeniality?

Clues: I’m Kebab and I reckon I’m everyone’s guilty pleasure! I like to look good. Nobody likes a messy Kebab. And as a kebab, I’m pretty desirable. A certain celebrity thinks so too. Wink wink. But what happens on the kebab van, stays on the kebab van.

I shot for the moon once. Did I aim too high? I don’t think so. One taste of a Kebab and you know I’m a winner. But it’s an Aussie flavour others don’t appreciate.

I’m the Kebab, and I’m the King of late night!

Song: ‘Believe’ by Cher

Guesses: Leo Sayer, Phil Burton, Courtney Act, Jack Vidgen


Baby was standing between two bodyguards, one with a shovel and the other folding a pink sheet. Then, one bodyguard was holding a rubber snake — making it look as if it was eating its own tail. Meanwhile, another bodyguard put his face into an empty frame between photos of author F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda.

While talking about roaring, Baby was seen standing near three lion cubs, before sitting in her nursery where she was holding a violin while one bodyguard played with a paper doll, changing its outfit, while the other bodyguard played with blocks that had the letters ‘JJJ’ on them.

Clues: We all need to change….but I don’t want you to see my bot-bot. That is something I dread all the time. That and my American Thighs.

From the very start, I felt weary. Like an old mid-60s Holden. Lately, I’ve been feeling more benevolent. I’m just a baby, which means I cry when I really want to roar. But I get my voice out there. I’m heard and I have a lot to say. Being a baby means having a lot of trust in others. Whether it’s one other person or a few more.

I’m Baby, and I want to win real bad!

Song: ‘As Long As You Love Me’ by the Backstreet Boys

Guesses: Tones and I, Lauren Conrad, Ruby Rose, Ella Hooper


As Vampire gave us a few more clues, two of her bodyguards danced the tango, with one clenching a rose between his teeth. But with a wave of her hand and a puff of smoke, the bodyguards disappeared. Then, wearing flashy sunnies and earrings, her bodyguards kicked a soccer ball to each other before it exploded into red confetti.

And while Vampire’s bodyguards seasoned a piece of steak with salt and pepper, we caught a glimpse of a calendar for September 1833. That’s quite a flashback!

Clues: I am Vampire and my kind shall rule the earth. For too long, I walked between two worlds. Forever in the grey zone. I was unloved by my own but strangers took me into their hearts. It’s important to do the thing you love, without fear. But some people just can’t stay. In my younger years, I was sustained by a craze. Now I walk alone.

For Vampires, age is just a state of mind. We can appear as old or as young as we want.

I am Vampire and I shall never die in this competition!

Song: 'Cheap Thrills’ by Sia

Guesses: Sheryl Crow, Shakira, Anastacia


While she was riding a bell curve of ‘wisdom’, one of Dolly’s bodyguards was also seen showing off the various Queens from a deck of playing cards. On the table in front of Dolly was a framed photo of Geena Davis next to three dolls. Later, Dolly was standing in front of an upside-down cow, next to a sign with her face on it that read ‘Australia’s Dreamgirl’ while a symbol of arrows in a circle spun on the ground.

Then, standing in a garden, Dolly had thought bubbles appear that said ‘Buy’, ’Options’ and ‘Sell’ which turned into ‘IPO’ and ‘Takeover’.

Clues: Am I a wise Dolly? I don’t know about that, but I know my group is. I’ve known the pleasure of diamonds my entire life. Nothing else will do. Is that how I got my peaches and cream complexion? Only my mother would know.

Nobody dreams of going back to where they started from. Well, almost nobody. Now, I’m moving forward. Where? Not A to Z because I put Z behind me. Am I hot? For a while, I was well below proper body temperature. Am I nerdy? Now you’re closer.

I’m Dolly and I’m here to play hard!

Song: ‘Supalonely' by BENEE

Guesses: Em Rusciano, Gwen Stefani, Ricki-Lee Coulter, Chloe Lattanzi


It’s o-fish-al, we love Mullet but who is behind the mask? Standing in front of a wall that had the alphabet on it in reverse order, Mullet’s bodyguards also played catch with a stuffed toy cat. Then, the bodyguards were driving motorcycles down a highway while Mullet held a sign that read ‘One Lap Only’, which he dropped in favour of blowing a trumpet.

And while a bodyguard dropped to one knee to propose to another, Mullet was seen playing poker underwater, and his hand was all hearts. As he got knighted by a bodyguard, Mullet held a cut-out of a sheep, before he was seen standing in front of a Bat-signal style light with his face on it while bodyguards using crutches dropped them in shock.

Clues: I’m a Mullet, you wouldn’t expect me to sing… but you wouldn’t expect me to teach cats to talk proper neither. I wasn’t always going to be a mullet, you know. I was growing up to be a trumpetfish. But that’s okay. I really do like a surprise. There are no walls between us here.

I’ve swum with the biggest sharks in the business. I survived. For $8 an hour plus tips. Now scatter. I’m Mullet royalty. A duke! Or maybe an ambassador. And I’m OK with that.

I’ve been putting wins in the W column since I was born, isn’t that right Hughesy?

And it’s going to be another W tonight!

Song: ‘Baby, I Love Your Way’ by Big Mountain

Guesses: Samuel Johnson, Sam Worthington, Axle Whitehead, Robbie Williams

The Masked Singer Australia airs Sunday-Tuesday at 7.30 on 10 and 10 play