'He Needs To Dob People In': Karen And Brittany Defend The Bus Driver That Got Them Captured

After eight days on run, the Ground Hunters finally secured Karen and Brittany.

After making it their priority, Hunter HQ celebrated their fourth win with the capture of the aunt and niece duo.

While on the run in the coastal town of Wonthaggi, the fugitives were shocked to see themselves on wanted posters at the bus station.

“I looked up and saw Britt looking at me,” Karen told 10 play, “I think it really brought it home to us that we were actually being hunted.”

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“I really wasn’t expecting to go to that bus stop and see our faces,” she said.

The duo boarded a bus to Phillip Island to avoid capture by the Hunters when a local bus driver tipped off Hunter HQ with their location.

After a failed attempt to board the ferry out of Phillip Island, the pair opted for the bus station instead.

Unaware that Team Alpha was on their way, Karen and Brittany tried to navigate the confusing public transport system.

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“It is one of those really hard things to do, not having technology to see updated schedules when you’re in a remote town,” Brittany told 10 play.

“We’re just so reliant on cars, and not knowing public transport systems, not knowing the schedules,” Karen added, “that was really difficult, trying to work out how we would get from one place to another.”

Missing them by just minutes, Team Alpha searched the ferry but, much to their disappointment, Karen and Brittany were still nowhere to be found.

After a second tip-off from the same bus driver, the Ground Hunters made their move capturing the pair shortly after.

Although they didn’t remain undetected for the full 21 days, Karen and Brittany said the experience taught them many things.

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“I don’t need to live with my mobile phone,” Brittany said, “I really needed that break, and I didn’t know how much I needed it.”

“It’s one of those aspects in your life that is so normal these days that, when it’s taken away from you, most people don’t that think they’ll cope but they really will.”

“The biggest thing for me was just the generosity of strangers,” Karen added still amazed. “I didn’t expect to get that much support from random people,” she said.

Reflecting on their time on the run, the pair revealed how they felt when they learned of the bus driver who tipped off the Hunters.

“Good on him,” Karen said, “That’s part of the game and that’s the risk you take because your face is out there for the public.”

“He should’ve actually approached us and said, ‘Hey, I’m going to dob you in’ and we would say ‘Don’t, don’t, don’t! We’ll pay you more than $200’,” she joked.

“It’s one of those things where he probably did more than the Hunters did in that 24 hours, seeing us so much,” Brittany added “If we were real-life criminals as well, then good on him, he needs to dob people in.”

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The pair said that being a part of this season of Hunted was an incredible opportunity to learn new things about each other and that it ultimately strengthened their bond.

“Being thrown into an experiment like this, it really does test your relationship,” Brittany told 10 play, “I’d do it again in a heartbeat with Karen,” she said.

Overjoyed, Karen added that she felt the same way, “Darling, I wouldn’t do it with anyone else but you,” she said.

Hunted Australia continues Sunday - Tuesday at 7.30 on 10 and 10 play on demand