‘We’re Smiling’: Tharren And Jordan Captured Just Meters From The Final Extraction Point

In a heartbreaking end to a near perfect run, father-son duo Tharren and Jordan reflect on their Hunted journey.

They were the one team that had confounded the Hunters for an entire season, leaving barely a breadcrumb to follow for 21 days. Tharren and Jordan even mailed the Hunters a stack of clues (albeit red herrings) to HQ and still left barely any record of where they could be hiding.

So it was especially heartbreaking to watch the grand finale on Monday evening when the pair mistook a team of Ground Hunters for fellow Fugitives, and followed them to the final extraction point, just a few minutes too early

Realising their mistake at the very last second, the pair ran right into the hands of their captors, ending their time on the run.

“There may have been one rushed decision,” Tharren told 10 Play with a laugh, “however — in truth — we made 21 days!”

“A lot of people will be like, ‘Oh no, how do you feel?’ [But] we were told to survive 21 days,” Jordan agreed. “Make it to an extraction point and do it to the best of your ability without being caught… we did our job! They had no idea, the whole time.

“We got to meet so many amazing people, we got this time together and we soaked it up and milked it for everything it’s worth,” he continued. “We’re just so blessed that we got that. We’re smiling — and just that perspective of, you know what? We achieved it. We didn’t just achieve it - we killed it, and we did it together.”

Having convinced his dad to go on the run with him, Jordan and Tharren put a lot of time in during the strategy phase to create a confusing web of dead ends for the Hunters.

“We put a lot of research into watching past seasons, and also thinking about what we can do best,” Jordan explained.

“We researched a lot of caravan parks, a lot of campsites, and called a lot of friends and family of people we were not going to use.”

Knowing that technology would also be something that could easily give them away, the pair didn’t touch a phone or computer for as long as they possibly could.

“Tech was their advantage, it was their strength but also potentially part of their Achilles,” Tharren added “We certainly worked together and did a lot of planning and then we got a third of the way through the run—“

“And we threw it all out,” Jordan jumped in.

On day 10, Jordan celebrated his 30th birthday with his dad in Plenty Gorge. The pair had left their bags with a helper thinking they’d return later, only to begin to realise that they had been using the same circle of contacts for a little too long.

“We were using a close network of teacher friends that we were able to talk face-to-face with, we didn’t have that paper trail of technology however it was consistent,” Jordan explained. The pair didn’t want to risk having that network be their downfall so they decided to walk out of the gorge and to a stranger’s house with a sleeping bag, a bible, and the clothes on their backs. From there, the pair began to rely on the kindness of strangers throughout the rest of their time on the run

“We were already playing, I thought, a pretty good game but it really pushed us to another level,” Jordan said. “We need to be willing to ask for help, we need to be willing to help out people. If we see an opportunity to help, let's help knowing it just helps to help!”

“There were so many great people out there that are willing to help if you just ask, and that’s what we found time and time again. It sharpened us up but also made us more appreciative,” Tharren added.

“There were stressful moments but, believe it or not, it actually took away the stress in the sense that we knew there were great people out there.”

Being on the run also gave Tharren and Jordan the rare opportunity to spend 21 days together, which the pair agreed had strengthened their relationship more than they had anticipated.

“We’ve spent a lot of time apart since Jordan went off to University, so it was nice to see that we were still in sync when we put our minds to it,” Tharren said. “Helping people and giving all the time is really neat, but it’s also really good to receive help as well. So I think we were able to help each other.

“Of all the people, all the mates that Jordan could have asked, the friends, his brother, his sisters — he asked his dad,” he continued.

“That’s pretty amazing. Sometimes, as parents, we feel like we’re a bit irrelevant after the kids leave home. To be included again, in an important part of his life, is pretty special.”

“You think you’re going to work well but you don’t know until you’re in that situation,” Jordan added. “It’s high-stress, high anxiety, you’re looking behind your back ad you need someone you can rely on.”

“It worked better than we could have imagined We were able to talk more than we ever do. That is an opportunity that I’ll never think less than incredible and such a moment for dad and me.

“[We] got to have an experience of a lifetime, meet and make so many friends that we’re going to have for a lifetime and, as father-son, moments to remember forever,” Jordan continued.

“Our faith is a big part of our journey and we believe day after day we were blessed and led to the right people, and had an incredible time.”

“Since I’ve been talking about it with people that are viewing the show, I get the chance to encourage them to try,” Tharren said. “Give it a go - you’ve got nothing to lose! You don’t have to worry about your ego, leave that at the front door, jump in boots and all, and appreciate what you have.”

“When we were growing up,” Jordan said, “Dad always said you have to ask the question. The reason why we got on the show, two very ordinary people, is because I never gave up. Suddenly, out of nowhere, dad and I get this opportunity — you’ve just got to ask the question and put yourself forward.”

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