All The Clues From Episode 5 Of The Masked Singer Australia 2023

The Orca mask joins the competition as we farewell another famous face, but did you guess who it was?

While we’ve come to know and love our current batch of masks, Osher had a whale of a surprise for us this week as we introduced Orca to the competition. A brand new mask means a brand new identity to start to guess — and this wasn’t a one-and-done kind of appearance, Orca is sticking around, so get to guessing!

Alongside Orca, three of our incredible masks performed together, and then individually, giving our guessing panel and the detectives at home a handful of clues to once again pour over to crack who’s hiding under the mask.

Here are all the clues from The Masked Singer Australia Episode 5:


Our brand new mask may be at home under the sea, but her vocals blew the guessing panel out of the water. The two big hints we noticed during Orca’s clue package was a pool safety sign which read “bombing allowed”, as well as the Olympic rings lighting up when she mentioned a “five ring circus”. We also got a photo from Orca’s past, just as an extra little hint. Any ideas?

CLUES: I’m one of the big fish around here but when you look at the waters I swim in, they’re massive! Right now I’m probably not in my natural home, it’s a really big decision to break away from your pod but when you start the hunt as young as I did it’s something you have to do.

To an Orca, family is important… although growing up was a three-ring circus. Or was it five rings? That’s counting absolutely everybody.

SONG: abc (nicer) - GAYLE

GUESSES: Olympia Valance, Vanessa Amorosi, Jewel, Amy Shark

PHOTO FROM THE PAST: A young Orca walking with soccer players, perhaps part of the team?


He may be spooky but we’re dying for Grim Reaper every time he performs. With a voice like that, it kills us that we don’t know who is behind the mask — yet! During his clues the guessing panel picked up on his use of the phrase “get clay feet”, and while he spoke about having people around him one bodyguard held a small bouquet of flowers while another tried to touch-up his makeup which raises one of the biggest questions of the night: can you contour a skeleton?

CLUES: Last time I gave an otherworldly performance, the panel made some ghoulish guesses but do they have a hope in hell of unmasking me tonight?

Being the Grim Reaper is my own little empire. This job can get lonely, even with so many people around me. It’s funny, that’s why I get clay feet in the country. I know being Grim Reaper is an important job but I have dreamed of doing something else. But let’s get serious, it’s in my DNA and, in the end, this is what I do. I probably can’t start again.

SONG: Oops!…I Did It Again - Britney Spears

GUESSES: Jermaine Jackson, Darren Hayes, Luke Steele, Stan Walker


Our fifth celeb to be revealed absolutely shocked the judges once away, with none of them even coming close to guessing who could be under the mask. The panel managed to pick up on all the references to reality TV, and during her clues we saw Space Fairy holding up some binoculars as she spoke about being watched a lot all around the world. Did you figure it out before she was revealed?

CLUES: In my last performance I lit up the stage, the panel tried to guess my name but these star gazers got lost in space and haven’t guessed me yet. Let’s see what they come up with tonight.

Ahem, sorry just warming up my voice. You know, when I first dropped into your world I thought it would be a quick blitz in and out, but it’s quite the love affair for me. As a Space Fairy I like to sit back and watch what’s going on. I’ve also been watched a lot and that’s made my quite famous. Strangely, not in the US… that’s the reality. I really like being a Space Fairy, I really don’t think I could live any other life now. Who’s feeling spoiled? Ahem… me, me, me!

SONG: Lips Are Movin - Meghan Trainor

GUESSES: Joss Stone, Jesy Nelson, Marcia Hines, Mary J. Blige


Each week Cow Girl has brought a photo of someone to her clue package, and this week it was TV’s Kerri-Anne Kennerley. With another udderly delightful performance, Cow Girl also had a few references to Mean Girls, and being who you want to be. What could that all mean, and how is KAK involved?

CLUES: Last time I put on a bloomin’ brilliant performance, the panel had a field day with their guesses.

I haven’t always wanted to be a Cow Girl, in a dream I would be a doctor. From an early age a Cow Girl wants to escape. Of course life doesn’t go where you want it to. I fell about 400 meters short. Never mind, that doesn’t mean you should be agro. Okay, I’m the first to say I’m no lady, but I’m no mean girl either, it’s the other girls who were mean to me on screen. I’m just happy to be who I am, and anyone else I choose to be.

SONG: Not Pretty Enough - Kasey Chambers

GUESSES: Courtney Act, Hilary Duff, Toni Pearen, Lindsay Lohan

The Masked Singer Australia continues Mondays at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play