Meet Archie

Get to know Archie, the energetic Pug cross Jack Russel Terrier from Season 1 of The Dog House Australia.

Meet Archie, he is a 4-year-old Pug cross Jack Russel Terrier. His colour is grey and brown.

This is what Archie's carers have to say about him:

Archie is a friendly and approachable dog that can be easily managed. He is very social and loves meeting new people. He is also great with other dogs.

Here's a little bit more about Archie:


Archie was unfortunately surrendered by his pervious owner who could no longer care for him. He suffers with separation anxiety and would suit a family who are home a lot.


  • He’s a bouncy/energetic little pup.
  • He’s a lot of dog in a small body.
  • He’s very social and loves meeting new people and pooches.


  • People.
  • Pooches.
  • Chicken or Devon treats.