Judges Favourite Recipes From Grand Finale Week

In the final week of MasterChef Season 11, the contestants put their heart and soul into every dish. Check out what they cooked up!

Simon’s Fried Cabbage with Jerusalem Artichoke and Leek Cream

That’s nicely cooked all the way through. Your style of cooking is very clever and really good” – Gary

There’s a lot of research and stats out there at the moment of peoples eating habits and on a Monday, people want to eat vegetarian dishes. If you got that on a Monday, you’d feel like its Friday night. You forget about meat totally and you enjoy the cabbage in all of its light” – George

That natural sweetness inside of the cabbage goes so well with that leek and artichoke puree and the chestnuts on top” – Matt

Tessa’s Blue Swimmer Crab and Chilli Sambal with Coconut Rice

Wow, smells amazing, looks beautiful. Ghee that’s a supercharged Sambal. It’s a better crab dish than the one you cooked before and that is what we ask. Just little things; wrapping the coconut rice, these little disks of lotus, everything goes together and everything looks very pretty and has been beautifully finessed and treated.” – Matt

It’s a ripping dish because the last time I ate this, there was fire coming out of my ears. Just goes to show how far you’ve come in the competition in the way you’re thinking about what you want to deliver to your customer. Well done Tessa” – George

Tim’s Earl Grey Poached Pear with Cinnamon & Orange Ice-Cream

It just reminded me how much I like pears when they’re cooked like this. You can eat it with a spoon and that’s the way it should be eaten. And I love how he’s hollowed it out and filled it with a little surprise” – George

It's really beautiful and sweet but in a old school kind of way. I heard you whisper Christmas and that’s what it makes you think about, because you’ve got a level of spice and all that lovely citrus, the orange particularly and tea that runs through the syrup” – Gary

Even if it didn’t have the ice cream it would still be a really delicious plate of food. And that’s what’s great about it, it isn’t about the ice cream, it’s about the pear and I don’t think we’ve ever seen that in the MasterChef kitchen. It’s a really intelligent dish and very tasty” – Matt

Peter Gilmore’s Coral Dessert

Excellent job. He has just done so well. He was a gun during preparation and the way he finished that, he used his intuition, I mean that’s what a chef should do, you’ve got to cook with your feelings and he nailed it” – Peter

The flavour of that whip is so good, he was generous with it and that prune jam is fantastic. The ganache is there but it doesn’t dominate, a great job by Simon” – Matt

I’m absolutely thrilled for him, that coral is so light, as soon as you put it in your mouth you get that hit of cold, so then you blow a little steam out of your nose and you get all that thrill and all that flavour at the same time” – Gary

Tessa’s Marron, Fennel Bisque and Caviar

That looks sensational. I love the bisque because it’s not one of those heavy sauces, it’s got a real lightness about it and it allows the caviar to shine” – George

It’s so restrained isn’t it? Three beautiful bulbs of marron, fennel, caviar and that bisque which has been aerated. It is lovely and that twill is beautiful. The marron was perfectly cooked, but the best part about the whole thing was that bisque. That was so delicate, so light and that caviar just pops. I think it’s a great looking dish” – Matt

That marron is amazingly tender, a beautiful bisque, salty hit from the caviar and that fennel is tender to the point that if you press your tongue against the roof of your mouth, it starts to dissolve. That is very clever and very technical cooking” - Gary

Larissa’s Roasted Bone Marrow with Onion Soubise

I’m loving this, it's the surprise for me. You know what’s making me happy about this? You think of every bone marrow reference and this is a little bit different. It's almost a slippery, soft bone marrow, which is very unique with the addition of the mushrooms and especially the little mustard seed pickle, It just brings the whole thing to life” – Gary

I’m just so surprised, what she’s put up is a super sophisticated yummy dish that is unique as well. The onion puree on the side is like a dip, it’s beautiful” - George

That onion puree on the bone marrow, what a genius idea. That onion puree is so sweet it just cuts the fattiness brilliantly. The acidity is so forward with the mustard pickles, the texture of the mustard seed popping against the creaminess of that roasted bone marrow is wonderful. Delicious dish” – Matt

Tessa’s Wagyu Beef, Celeriac Puree with Bordelaise Sauce

I like it because the beef is cooked beautifully and the celeriac puree, I couldn’t make it any better myself. I love it. The flavour of the bone marrow sauce, it's gorgeous” – Gary

"I'm quite excited. Beef, celeriac, horse radish, bordelaise sauce, its a great, safe, traditional dish but Tessa's done a really good job" - Matt

Larissa’s Marron with Bisque

Everything just pops off the plate, there's a lot of work in here. There's fennel seed in there, there's cumin in there and ginger. That is just really beautiful cooking” – Gary

That is just rock and roll. We’ve seen dishes of Marron and puree and sauce and kale but you suddenly add some interesting spices in there and my minds going whats that, I love it! Shes 22 cooking food like this!” – George

I know she wanted to put two marron on but there's so much going on, it doesn’t matter. This is a generous dish and it's generous in terms of flavour and in terms of texture. That puree, the way it works with the bisque together is delicious” – Matt

Simon’s Pumpkin Seed Oil Cake with Roast Pumpkin Ice Cream

Simon's found that level where he’s pushing the boundaries a little. It's super moist, it's not too sweet and I actually like pumpkin seed oil. It’s a clever wintry dessert” – Gary

We need variety in our lives, this is what food is all about and that’s what MasterChef is all about, always pushing the boundaries a little bit, but pushing the boundaries and not you did it just for the sake of it, you did it because you believe in it and that’s what he’s done” – George

I think its really clever, it’s really interesting” – Matt

Larissa’s Szechuan Pavlova with Beetroot and Blackberry

It's brain frazzling good food. Right now, I’m getting that little metallic zing of the Szechuan. The beetroot on the bottom and the blackberry with that icy sorbet. It’s a dish that keeps on unfolding” – Matt

With the Szechuan, she’s been so restrained but on point” – Gary

What she is able to do at the age of 22 is take a classic dish, tweak it slightly and give us a delicious meal” – George