I’m A Celebrity 2023: Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins Is Heading Into The Jungle

The man, the myth, the Honey Badger will be the next celebrity to join the camp.

As our Celebs settle into their new home in the middle of the South African jungle, an intruder is making his way through the bush, and likely barrelling straight towards some kind of deliciously devious tucker trial Dr Chris and Lady Julia have concocted.

Nick has gone on to co-host Ultimate Beastmaster for Netflix, published two best-selling books, and starred in the hit digital series Off the Grid with the Badger.

Nick was also one of only three recruits to pass selection on SAS Australia, but comparing his time on SAS and his upcoming jungle adventure, Nick told 10 Play he expects I’m A Celeb to be just as challenging, for different reasons.

SAS [was] more of a challenge physically, whereas I think IAC will be more challenging for my stomach… having a chew on various animal parts doesn’t tickle my fancy, but I’ll be starving. I’ll probably take one for the team and eat the lot,” he joked.

With the other celebs already in the swing of things, having formed a tight bond (and some friction!) Nick said he was “happy to take the back seat” around some of the bigger personalities adding, “I’m actually an introvert – hard to believe, I know.”

And while his time in the jungle provides him “a chance to meet some new animals”, Nick admitted that it isn’t the challenges Chris and Julia might throw at him that he fears the most, but something else rather heartwarming.

“My biggest fear is not seeing my family for three weeks,” the new dad said. Nick and his partner Alexandra George welcomed their baby boy in October last year with the Badger adding, “I think I’ll miss some of my little tacker’s milestone moments like starting to crawl. That will be bloody tough.

“Everyone’s got fears, however, it’s a game of the mind and can be overcome. Mine is regret.”

We can’t wait to see this icon head into the jungle very soon!

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