Skye Wheatley Wins I’m A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! 2024

The Australian public voted in record numbers to crown social media star Skye Wheatley as the 2024 I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! winner

In the final day in camp, our final three celebrities Skye Wheatley, Tristan MacManus and Callum Hole were reunited with their loved ones. Skye embraced her two children, Forest and Bear, and partner Lachlan in camp, Callum saw his father Phil seated at the creek and rushed over laughing with joy and Tristan locked eyes with his eldest child Echo and gave her the biggest daddy daughter hug there ever was.

Cue the tears and heartwarming moments as these three families reunited, shared a meal, and caught up on everything they had missed during their time apart.

Then it was tears over and game faces on as our celebrities took on their final trial. Enlisting the help of their loved ones for ‘Wheels of Misfortune’, our celebrities competed in a bicycle race down a whacky path into a dam whilst their loved ones distracted and hindered them, whilst also cheering them on. It was a win for our three celebrities who took home three stars.

On their final night in camp together, our celebrities reminisced over a decadent meal about the good, bad and vomit-worthy times that they had spent together.

With the votes tallied, it was time to say goodbye to Callum, who came an honourable third place. With two left standing, there could only be one winner, and for 2024 that winner was Skye Wheatley, who won $100,000 for her charity, Bully Zero.


Looking back on her time in the jungle, a tearful Skye said, "I’m so blessed to have experienced that. I want to say thank you to everyone here for having me."

When it came to picking a highlight, Skye couldn't pick just one, instead, she said the entire experience was just one big highlight. "I feel like the whole journey, the whole experience has taught me so many things, and I just can’t wait to apply those things I’ve learned in the jungle in my everyday life."

After winning the title of Queen of the Jungle for 2024, a shocked Skye dedicated the win to her partner Lachlan and their two boys, Forest and Bear. "I feel absolutely blessed to have had this opportunity and to go through the things I went through and to do it for these three amazing boys."

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