A Double Elimination Spells The End Of The Jungle For Ellie Cole And Brittany Hockley

In a nail-biting semi-final, Ellie and Brittany just missed out on the chance to become the next Queen of the Jungle.

With more votes from the public than ever before, two celebrities were farewelled tonight from the South African jungle, bringing the campmates from a group of five down to three. Tears flowed as the campmates said goodbye to both Brittany Hockley and Ellie Cole, who had both made camp life look like a breeze.

Brittany battled her fears from the very first day when we dropped her off the side of a cliff and continued to conquer everything that I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! had to offer. She faced giant boulders in Knock and Roll, survived the Jungle Day Spa, absolutely defeated the cold in The Deep Freeze and took a canon to the face in Knights In Shining Armour.

She may have met her match when it came to trying to eat sheep nipples during the last eating trial of the season, Sicknic, but Brittany showed her team spirit at the Worst Sports Carnival.

While she was an absolute trooper when it came to trials, it was the bonds she made in camp that were the true winner. Brittany was always up for a heart-to-heart, getting to know her campmates better with each passing day. Brittany spoke about the difficulties of a long-distance relationship and opened up with her fellow celebs about her fertility journey.

Brittany’s time in the jungle was in support of RizeUp, which helps women escape dangerous situations and gives them a fresh start with housing, donations, help, appliances, and more.

A legend of epic proportions, there were tears and hugs all round for our gold medallist Paralympian.

The self-described I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! superfan was one of our keenest celebrity campmates yet, always ready to dive into whatever challenges Robert Irwin and Julia Morris threw her way.

During her time in the jungle she was submerged in a train carriage, found herself in the first eating challenge of the season, batted through bites from rats and snakes slithering on her face, looked down the barrel of a canon and above all else showed her grit and determination which we’ve come to know from Australia’s most decorated female Paralympian.

In camp, Ellie was a constant ray of sunshine, opening up to her campmates about losing her leg when she was three to cancer, sharing some of the highlights from her incredible sporting career, and teaching Stephen K Amos to swim at the waterfall.

Ellie’s time in the jungle was in support of Challenge, a charity that supports children and families living with cancer.

Find out more about all the charities our celebrities are supporting this year here.

Brittany and Ellie’s departure means there are just three celebrities left in the jungle - Callum Hole, Skye Wheatley, and Tristan MacManus. Who will wear the jungle crown?

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