The Best Crime Shows To Binge Watch On 10 play

We’ve got a great collection of local and international crime shows for your inner unrealised detective (and hopefully not your inner unrealised serial killer). In no particular order...

Wire In The Blood  

A British series, Wire in the Blood sees clinical psychologist Tony Hill called upon by police to get inside the minds of serial killers and try to stop them. This show deals with plenty of dark and twisted stuff, from the psychos killing people, to the inner workings of Tony’s own mind, and is not for the fainthearted.  

My Life Is Murder 

This Melbourne-based series is a much lighter, more Columbo-style of show. Murder will happen, but so will comedy. An unlikely duo in real life (perhaps?), but a cracking combo on screen. Lucy Lawless (aka Xena the Warrior Princess) stars as Alexa Crowe, a former detective who is often called upon by the police to help catch killers. She’s a pretty captivating kind ‘o woman. Tough but fair, funny but dry, attractive and smart, doesn’t suffer fools. All that.  

L.A.’s Finest  

Fans of the Bad Boys franchise should know that this is a spin-off that follows the crime-busting antics of Marcus Burnett’s sister Syd (Gabrielle Union) and her partner Nancy (Jessica Alba) - two badass LAPD detectives with secrets in their pasts. Watching two strong women bringing down bad guys is top notch entertainment, while the slow revelation about who they were before they were lumped together as unlikely partners provides extra mystery to keep you hooked. Prepare for multiple twists.  

Police Rescue 

A classic that stand the test of time, Police Rescue follows the lives of an elite squad who do everything from rescue people from crushed cars to tracking down gangsters. A lot of what makes this show so great is the way it explores the relationships between team members, their personal lives, and the way they deal with trauma. Check it out, Gary Sweet has hair.   


Police Rescue paved the way for shows like Rush which, ooft, really hits the ground running from the opening moments of the first episode. These guys are a tactical response unit, which is different to a rescue unit somehow, and they find themselves trying to talk teens off ledges, rescue people from trapped cars, deal with snipers, you name it. Again though, this show is very much about the team and how they interact with each other and respond to trauma. Bumping heads with their new boss, unrequited love, dealing with situations that don’t have happy endings. The cast is ridic - Catherine McClements, Rodger Corser, Callan Mulvey. This is on-the-edge-of-your-seat stuff.  


The Secrets She Keeps 

We started with the dark and twisted so why not end with it? Based in Sydney and Katoomba, this is a psychological thriller about two women who are both pregnant at the same time and harbouring a heap of secrets. An extremely well-planned crime takes place and prepare to have your sympathies tested. The Secrets She Keeps is based on Michael Robotham’s bestselling novel and stars Jessica De Gouw and Downton Abbey’s Laura Carmichael.  

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