Todd Sampson's Body Hack Is Returning To 10 and 10 play, So Get Ready To Enjoy A (Virtual) Thrilling Ride

From Tuesday, 15 September at 7.30pm, take a welcome (and COVID safe) journey to foreign lands from the safety of your home, with a brand new season of Todd Sampson's Body Hack.

While most of us have spent 2020 working from home, adventurer-extraordinaire Todd Sampson has been lucky enough to call some pretty exciting places, his office. Think exotic villages of Africa, sumo training grounds in Japan and the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. Oh, what we would do to trade places with him right now!

Season Four will see Todd continue his crazy escapades, all in the name of science, as he takes on the discipline of Japanese martial arts, an all-American demolition derby and visits the cultural home of Voodoo in Benin.

Not only will this series educate you on the brain's relationship with the body, but this time around, will provide some much needed travel porn into some fascinating far away lands.

And if you want to begin your virtual travel journey even earlier, you can watch full episodes of Season 3 and Season 2 over on 10 play now!

Season 4 of Todd Sampson's Body Hack Begins 7.30 Tuesday, 15 September on 10 and 10 play