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Junior MasterChef FAQs

You asked, we answered! Here's all the FAQs for Junior MasterChef Australia.

Who are the Junior MasterChef judges?

Junior MasterChef season 3 will see three new judges stepping up to the pannel, Jock ZonfrilloMelissa Leong and Andy Allen. Find out more about them here.

Who are the contestants for Season 3?

In an exciting new season of Junior MasterChef Australia, we have 14 skilled mini-chefs who are ready to cookoff for the Junior MasterChef 2020 title. Find out more about them on the contestant's page.

Where can I watch Junior MasterChef Australia online?

You can watch Junior MasterChef Australia online on 10 play within Australia. Stream full episodes for free and catch up on all the cooking action with articles, extras and more on 10 play.

Can you watch Junior MasterChef Live Online?

Yes, you can watch Junior MasterChef Australia live online at 10 play within Australia. Check the live streaming schedule to find out when Junior MasterChef will be on next.

Where can I watch past seasons of Junior MasterChef?

You can watch full seasons of Junior MasterChef Australia on 10 play. Catch up now with Junior MasterChef season 1 and 2 available to binge for free.

What channel is Junior MasterChef on?

Junior MasterChef Australia is broadcast on Channel 10.

When is Junior MasterChef on TV and what time?

Junior MasterChef Australia airs on Channel 10 3 days a week at 7:30pm. Check out the 10 TV Guide for further details including local times.

When is the Junior MasterChef Repeat?

Missed the latest episode? Watch a repeat of last night’s episode of Junior MasterChef Australia on Channel 10 or you can catch up online at 10 play.

Junior MasterChef Recipes – Where can I find them?

You can find all the Junior MasterChef Australia recipes from season 1, 2 and 3 on our website, 10 play.

Where is Junior MasterChef filmed?

Junior MasterChef Australia is filmed in Melbourne.

How can I apply to be a Junior MasterChef contestant?

You can be a Junior MasterChef Australia 2021 contestant by applying online. Unfortunately, applications are currently closed, but keep an eye out on 10 play for updates!

What happens to the food in Junior MasterChef?

Leftover food from Junior MasterChef gets collected by the charity SecondBite and is delivered to people in need. Any food waste that cannot be reused or collected by SecondBite, is turned into compost for the Junior MasterChef garden.

How long has Junior MasterChef Australia been running?

Junior MasterChef Australia started in 2010 and after having a long break, is back for its 3rd season.

Who was eliminated from Junior MasterChef?

Keep an eye on our Junior MasterChef contestants page to find out who is left in the competition and who went home.