MasterChef Australia 2021: The Top 10 Contestants Revealed

They’ve battled their way through pressure tests, eliminations and more mystery boxes than they can count.

Now, the top 10 are ready to step it up and fight their way to the finish.

MasterChef Australia 2021 Top 10 finals winner

Here are the MasterChef Australia Top 10 for 2021:

Depinder Chhibber

The queen of bold flavours, time and time again Depinder has shown her strengths across a spread of cuisines. From her deep, rich curries to delicate desserts (mille-feuille in 75 minutes?!) and perfect choux, Depinder has been one to watch from the get-go.

Memorable dishMille-Feuille with Chilli Chocolate, Orange, Raspberries

Elise Pulbrook

You know what they say about Elise - nothing gets pasta. Get it? Past her? Pasta? You get it. Using her Italian and Sri Lankan heritage, Elise continues to wow the judges with her ability to create traditional dishes with her signature take.

Memorable dish: Melanzane With Butter Lettuce Salad And Gremolata

Justin Narayan

With his first-class spin on classic junk food, Justin secured himself immunity and was the very first contestant to head into the Top 10. During his time in the kitchen, Justin has continued to finesse his flavours and flex his creative muscles resulting in some pretty wonderful surprises.

Memorable dish: Coke and Potato Chips

Kishwar Chowdhury

If the best recipes come from the heart, everything Kishwar plates up is perfection. Her warmth is matched only by her expert handling of flavours and spice when she dishes up her range of curries and dishes inspired by traditional Bengali cuisine.

Memorable dish: Kingfish Ceviche with Pickled Rainbow Vegetables, Angry Chilli Jam

Linda Dalrymple

With surprise after surprise being delivered to the judges, Linda continues to impress with her ability to think on her feet and plate well-balanced, bold flavours. From her handmade noodles to mouth-watering doughnuts, Linda has sailed into the Top 10.

Memorable dish: Noum Kong, Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Minoli De Silva

Having briefly left the competition, Minoli won her way back into the MasterChef kitchen and has not let the opportunity go to waste. Continuing to use her Sri Lankan heritage to inspire imaginative dishes, Minoli learned from her elimination and has been cooking food that is true to who she is as a cook.

Memorable dish: Jackfruit Curry with Crispy Rice

Pete Campbell

If Willy Wonka had a softly-spoken Aussie cousin, we're pretty sure it would be Pete. Week after week he thinks completely out-of-the-box and serves up conceptual dishes that are not only works of art to look at, but explosions of flavour.

Memorable dish: Crayfish Onions

Sabina Newton

With her mastery of seafood impressing the judges from the early days of the competition, Sabina may be the queen of the seas. But recently she's stepped into plating up severely considered dishes using veggies to surprise and delight. We're also crossing our fingers for some kind of Gantry Gogglebox spin-off because her commentary is truly iconic.

Memorable dish: Pickled Carrots and Goat Cheese, Foraged Pesto, Rye Lavosh

Scott Bagnell

Mister consistency, Scott continues to smash out dishes showing a wide range of technique and knowledge in all types of cuisine. From his perfect Chawanmushi to his savoury choux,  Scott's mammoth collection of cookbooks is definitely paying off in the competition.

Memorable dish: Ginger Fluff Cake with Custard Butter Cream

Tommy Pham

Early in the competition, Tommy showcased his knowledge and talent with traditional Vietnamese cuisine. In the last few weeks, he's stepped that up time and time again, taking those traditional flavours and applying them with his own little spin. And if you're still drooling over his immunity-winning Banh Mi-inspired pastry, you're not alone.

Memorable dish: Bánh Mì Danish

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