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Gogglebox - S14 Ep. 3
M | Light Entertainment

Air Date: Thu 23 Sep 2021
Expires: in about 22 hours

Ready to break down another week of television. With their candid, controversial and comedic commentary on the shows we love and loath watching, the Gogglebox families don't hold back!

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About the Show

Gogglebox full episode catch-up is only available for 48 hours after each episode has aired on 10.

Each week, Gogglebox Australia takes viewers into 10 Australian lounge rooms to watch some of the country’s most opinionated and avid television viewers laugh, cry and shout freely at some of the best and worst programs on television.

From big Aussie families crowding onto couches to best friends laughing along with a cocktail, our Goggleboxers will dish out a huge mix of opinions on the week’s biggest television moments.

Gogglebox is based on the U.K. smash hit of the same name which is in its fourth season. It has become a social media sensation, in the process making accidental stars of the households featured.

This year, Gogglebox won the BAFTA for best reality constructed factual program and was also nominated in the BAFTA Radio Times Audience Award Category.Gogglebox Australia is a Shine Australia production for Foxtel and Network 10.