It's Grand Finale Week!

It's the week we've all been waiting for - Grand Finale Week!

Seems like only yesterday 24 wide-eyed hopefuls entered the MasterChef kitchen, hungry for a spot in the competition. And now… it’s Grand Finale Week!

While we’re excited , the contestants are going to have to slice and dice their way through what may be the most difficult week yet, competing in a two-round challenge, recreating complex dishes by Peter Gilmore and making MasterChef history with the first EVER service challenge, featuring some of our favourite guest chefs!

One will triumph and three will crumble, so who’s on the chopping block?


Best Dish: Roasted Cauliflower with Black Garlic Toum & Sherry Caramel

Simon is an absolute mastermind in the kitchen and to say he’s produced some unique flavour combinations is an understatement. His risk-taking nature and creativity on the plate had the judges completely hooked from day one. Simon celebrated many ‘underrated’ vegetarian ingredients and transformed them into top quality restaurant dishes, which propelled him into the top four where he’ll take a stab at winning the MasterChef trophy.


Best Dish: John Dory with Almonds, Capers, Grapes and Caviar

Tessa is consistently brilliant at producing dishes the judges LOVE, with her sophisticated and balanced style of cooking. From her Surf and Turf 10.0 to her fabulous John Dory, her cooking unswervingly improves, making her someone to keep an eye on.


Best Dish: Lemon Parfait, Black Olive Madeleine and Poppy Seed Cream

Larissa is totally out of the box when it comes to flavour combinations and that may be why we love her so much. Remember her corn fiesta during the immunity challenge with Adam D’Sylva? Yeah, we're still not over that one. Her adventurous spirit is displayed on the plate and nothing can hold her back. Even with only three minutes on the clock, she turned a disaster into a winning dish. We’re excited to see what she comes up with during Grand Finale Week!


Best Dish: Crispy Pork Belly with Glazed Pork Rib, Potato Mash and Crispy Potatoes

Our one and only Prince Harry lookalike and MasterChef dark knight, Tim Bone has made it to the top four and we are so thrilled! His determination and passion for food led him to pull off some very complicated dishes (flashback to Ashley Palmer-Watts’ Lamington Cake!) With his dreams of opening a gourmet sandwich restaurant almost within hands reach, we’re sure he’s going to give it everything he’s got.


Best Dish: Honey, Thyme and Lemon Parfait with Macadamia Honey Tuile and Honeycomb

From getting swarmed by bees to triumphing as the first one to  get through to Finals Week, Nicole has buzzed her way into the top four. Her attention to detail and pristine plating has enable her to serve up some of the prettiest and tastiest dishes of the competition and we have no doubt she will continue to serve up dishes that “everyone will smile about” until the very end!