Nick Defeated While Out of His Comfort Zone

Another contestant leaves the MasterChef kitchen after a highly technical dish

Nick Doyle has been eliminated from MasterChef Australia.

The 22-year-old law student from Newcastle, who acknowledges baking as his true passion, was visibly nervous when asked to recreate Lake House owner Alla Wolf-Tasker's 'Rivers and Lakes' signature dish.

Nick, together with fellow contestants Sean and Sarah, were given just two hours to create the complex celebration of seafood featuring smoked eel carpaccio, cured trout and cod, fish consommé jelly, fish crackling and watercress puree.

Judge George said that although it was one of the toughest Pressure Tests in the history of MasterChef, all three of the contestants did extremely well. However, Nick's rough fish filleting, "wet grass" watercress puree and "leathery" fish skin let him down.

Since being eliminated, Nick has started a food blog and also begun a catering business that focuses on baked goods.