Playing For Keeps: The Most WTF Moments Of The Season

From kick-off to final siren, Playing For Keeps had our jaws on the floor. Here’s our selection of the most WTF moments from the season Spoiler warning: If you haven’t watched Playing For Keeps yet, binge the whole season now on 10 play

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Jack’s Premature Death

Before he was tragically killed, all we knew about loving-father Jack was that he gave away a 50-metre penalty in the previous year’s Grand Final, costing the Southern Jets a Premiership win. We know this because it was brought up by his teammates every time his name was mentioned in conversation.

And then he died. In the first episode. WTF? Intense moment.  

playing for keeps, article, 2018

Connor And Kath Hooking Up

When things got tough at home with Tahls, Connor ran into the arms of Kath Rickards, football royalty, who he had a massive crush on (she walked in on him pleasuring himself in his younger days).

Clearly, he never got over his throbbing crush, and the two of them went to town on the couch Kath shares with her husband. The coach. Connor’s coach. WTF were they thinking?!

playing for keeps, article, 2018

Rusty Coming Out/He And Jack’s Secret Relationship

Rusty was the typical ‘bad boy’ of the team, likening girls he slept with to “seasonal treats” and hitting the booze frequently. We were completely shocked when he came out as a gay man, and couldn’t have been prouder. But it was his confession that he and Jack were in love that was one of the most heart-wrenching WTF moments of the season. So many tears were shed!

playing for keeps, article, 2018

Jessie Getting Knocked Up By A Total Random

When we discovered Jessie was up the duff, we thought it was Jack’s. But we were wrong. Then we assumed it was Rusty’s. But we were wrong again. Just when we were about to call in Maury Povich for a paternity test, in a complete WTF moment she blindsided us by revealing her baby daddy – a Sunshine Coast doctor named Nate.

playing for keeps, article, 2018

Tahlia And Connor Getting Married

Connor’s secret about his dalliance with Kath was eating him alive, and he finally revealed the truth to Tahlia on the night of their engagement party.

Instead of untagging, unfollowing and unfriending her cheating fiancé, Tahlia did what any confident, gorgeous and completely heartbroken girl would do in that situation - she turned their engagement party into a surprise wedding and forced him down the aisle. Yeap, WTF indeed!

playing for keeps, article, 2018

Carly And Andrew Hooking Up

Carly’s relationship with Rusty lasted about as long as Britney’s wedding to K-Fed, but that couldn’t keep her away from the glitz and glam of WAG territory. In an attempt to “take control of her life” (or stay relevant, whichever works) she hooked up with top dog Andrew, comparing their new love to fridges and magnets before he even had time to settle his divorce. WTF was up with that?

playing for keeps, article, 2018

The Real Cause Of Jack’s Death Revealed

WTF?! Wait, shut the front gate. The series had us believing that Connor, Rusty and Dan were the main culprits in Jack’s death. But it turned out coach Brian Rickards, a strong push and an unfortunately placed rock on the ground were responsible for Jack’s drowning.

playing for keeps, article, 2018

Dan And Paige Breaking Up

Paige breaking Dan’s heart? WTAF. The girl from Casterson, who used the phrase ‘cock goggles’ and introduced the ladies to a questionable boozy beverage called a ‘burr cutter’, realised that Dan was no longer the magnet to her fridge.

Paige realised she wanted to be Paige Dunkeley, the school teacher, not Paige Dunkeley, the girlfriend of some famous footy bloke. Props to her for choosing to step out of her boyfriend’s shadow, but still, didn’t see it coming. Sniff.

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