Paramount+ Announces Australian Original Series, The Betoota Advocate Presents

In Breaking News… A Message From The Betoota Advocate.

An iconic name on all social media feeds, it’s only natural for Paramount+ to turn to The Betoota Advocate to cover off on Australia’s most polarising news stories in the Paramount+ Australian original series The Betoota Advocate Presents.

On creating this original series, Editor At Large, Errol Parker and Editor, Clancy Overall said: “As Australia’s oldest and favourite newspaper, The Betoota Advocate has knocked back countless offers to make all manner of TV shows over the years.

“Finally, Paramount+ and Warner Bros. Australia have agreed to let us make the TV show WE wanted to make, and one that everyone else was too afraid to go near - as well as lining our pockets in the midst of a cost-of-living crisis.

“So, with the universe aligning, we present the modern history of Australia that nobody really talks about… for a reason. This series tackles four pillars of Australian history. Corruption, money, religion and tribalism.

“From the Fine Cotton racing scandal, to Murdoch and Packer trading blows in the Super League war, to the rise and fall of the Hillsong Church, to riots on Cronulla beach. The Betoota Advocate does not shy away from the depraved, the cringe, the hilarious and the pathetic."

Producer by Warner Bros. Australia for Paramount+, The Betoota Advocate Presents is coming soon.

The Betoota Advocate Presents joins a host of the Paramount+ Australian Originals currently streaming on Paramount+, including Last King of The Cross, Five Bedrooms, The Bridge Australia, The Secrets She Keeps, 6 Festivals, More Than This, Undressed, Couples Therapy Australia and Spreadsheet with Appleton Ladies Potato Race, One Night and NCIS: Sydney streaming soon.