'It's Too Easy To Knock Over Sandcastles': Kat Stewart Talks Season Four Of Five Bedrooms

With each new season of the hit series Five Bedrooms, the writers find new ways to torture Kat Stewart's character, Liz.

"I love the job and I love the character but they really do torture her," Kat told 10 Play with a laugh. "She's struggled with bankruptcy, infidelity, her career, her sexuality, whether she's homeless or not... she's really been put through the wringer and I've got to say this season is no exception."

Now in its fourth season on Paramount+, Five Bedrooms stars Kat alongside Doris Younane, Stephen Peacocke, Katie Robertson, Roy Joseph, and Johnny Carr. In the first season, the ragtag group of misfits made the drunken decision to purchase a house together in order to circumvent real estate woes.

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Since then, the five core housemates have been through an absolute roller coaster of never-ending ups and downs, and now they begin to face a huge question.

"This house was a great thing for all of them, a great, safe landing place and they've all looked after each other but -- are they starting to hold each other back? Is this still a positive thing for them?

"I think the tag I just saw for the preview is really great," Kat continued, "can they stay together when they're all falling apart?"

Liz's relationship with Harry (played by Roy Joseph) in particular comes up. At the end of the last season, the BFFs were at odds. Though they may live at the same address the pair seem to be worlds apart.

"You think if they're hanging onto each other, how are they going to move on with their lives? They're not embracing their futures because they've got each other to hang on to," Kat said. "That's kind of something I think is much more of a theme in this series."

In the preview for the newest season, the series teases a surprise financial windfall, two graduations, two milestone birthdays, a catastrophic loss, and an abrupt funeral. Once again, the ties that bind the housemates will be put through multiple tests and they'll emerge as very different people.

While she described the treatment of Liz over the years lovingly as "torture", receiving the scripts each season still feels like unwrapping a present for Kat.

"On one hand you want something good to happen for [your character] but then the actor part of you rubs your little grubby hands together when they do something terrible because it's so fun to play," she laughed.

"I just want Liz to make some decisions. She's been in such a state of crisis and confusion and I just want her to start making some clear decisions."

The series has hit international audiences through streaming and has attracted some devoted fans across the world. "I love that this version of Australia is being seen overseas," Kat said adding, "Australian audiences are really sophisticated... we watch the best stuff from all over the world and it means we have to make stuff that's world-class.

"I want to put something good into the world," she continued, "It's too easy to knock over sandcastles, I want to be part of shows that are positive and I love that, from the very beginning, I looked around the table read and we were not a cookie-cutter cast.

"We're of different ages, cultural backgrounds, persuasions and everything. That feels, to me, like a much more honest Australia than what we've traditionally seen in decades gone past, and I love that it's a show that celebrates difference and finds common grounds and is an inclusive show that will break your heart but make you laugh. It's all the things I love."

It's undeniable that the cast has an electric chemistry which Kat thinks is in part due to the fact that it really is an ensemble. "There's no pecking order, and I think that really sets you up well to support each other. We give each other encouragement. It's probably ruined me, it's such a lovely, great group of people.

"I've been really lucky," Kat said, "I've worked with great people -- but this is particularly special... The main thing for us is you don't have to get along brilliantly to work well together, but it's a really lovely bonus."

The team also share the same work ethic, calling each other up on weekends to talk through a scene or run lines after work, during their lunches or in the car on the way to set.

"We all work really hard and take that part of it seriously, and the friendships are just a fantastic bonus," she said.

Season four of Five Bedrooms is now streaming on Paramount+