Icon Taylor Swift Pops By The Graham Norton Show

Attention all Swifties, Taylor Swift is jetting into London and stopping by The Graham Norton Show!

In the latest episode, Taylor is joined by music legend Bono, Academy Award winner Eddie Redmayne and musical guest Lady Blackbird.

Taylor is no stranger to The Graham Norton Show, having been a guest multiple times before, as well as a performer.

In a wide-ranging interview, the record-breaking artist talks the inspiration behind her latest record Midnights, which she describes as a concept album, and how each of its 13 songs represents sleepless nights throughout her life.

Never shying away from telling a funny tale or two, Taylor also confesses to an awkward Les Mis audition with fellow guest Redmayne back in 2011. The hilarious story involves Taylor being dressed in full 19th century attire, including brown teeth, messy hair and heavy make-up, much to Eddie’s surprise.

On the topic of concerts, Taylor makes a surprising revelation about one of her first - she performed at The Nashville Rubber Duck Race. You heard it right, an annual race where over 100,000 rubber ducks race for prizes. With an audience of only four people, it just goes to show that even the biggest stars can have humble beginnings.

Watch the full episode of The Graham Norton Show 8.30pm Friday on 10 and 10 Play on demand