Hit Drama The Brokenwood Mysteries Lands On 10 Play

The hit New Zealand detective drama, The Brokenwood Mysteries arrives on 10 play May 31.

Detective Senior Sargent Mike Shepherd arrives in the seemingly quiet country town of Brokenwood, sent to investigate a murder, he begins to unravel tragedies and quickly learns that behind even the most charming of appearances lurk the darkest secrets.

The population may be small, but the murder rate is shockingly high.

Starring Neill Rea as Detective Shepherd alongside Fern Sutherland as Detective Constable Kristin Sims and with a recurring cast including Cristina Ionda, Nic Sampson, Rawiri Jobe and Jarod Rawiri, each episode follows Mike and the team as they attempt to solve one of Brokenwood’s all too common murders.

From a local farmer found in the river to the body of a wine critic winding up in a vat of Pinot Noir, each episode is a standalone story, following Mike and his somewhat unconventional approach to his craft, shaking up the local police force as he solves the twisted crimes, uncovers secret societies and unmasks the killers hiding in his new home.

While the murders may be grim, the series is not, with a classic Kiwi humour, and episodes that often run around an hour and a half, it’s a crime-drama lover’s perfect match and should be added to the watch list ASAP.

Season 1-5 of The Brokenwood Mysteries will be available to watch from May 31 on 10 play on demand