All About Taboo

A show about laughing at people you really shouldn’t be laughing at

By spending a week with these four people, comedian Harley Breen gets to know them, their stories and their challenges. 

It's a fresh insight into those living with disabilities.

Taboo, Pilot Week, Channel Ten, 2018

After their week together, Breen writes a stand-up comedy routine about his four '"new friends”, while they sit in the front row accompanied by their friends and family.

The show is not so much a comedy, but more of a unique exposition of this disadvantaged group.

We get to hear, in detail, the reason behind why these people ended up in wheelchairs or with prosthetic legs. It's a platform for these individuals to tell their stories, which reflect and echo in the wider disabled community.

Taboo, Pilot Week, Channel Ten, 2018

It’s hard-hitting and brutally honest. They don’t shy away from the details of what their life looks like post-accident, and the struggles they have to overcome on a daily basis.

The sincere chats between the four and Breen, is spliced with footage from the stand-up routine he has written about them.

Because of the candid conversations with the group, it feels like you're getting to know these people intimately too. Therefore, it feels like you’re laughing with these guys, instead of laughing at them. It’s a thin line to walk (or roll) on, but this show does it with precision and taste.

Taboo, Pilot Week, Channel Ten, 2018

It has a message of inclusion, normalisation and not being scared to ask: “What happened?”.

Don’t miss this heart-warming, thought-provoking new show.

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