A Constant Rotation Of MasterChef And Survivor Is Now On 10 Play

New to 10 Play, the MasterChef and Survivor 10 Play Channels will be playing episodes 24/7 for your viewing pleasure.

They’re two of 10’s most popular shows and now they are available to watch whenever, wherever, at the click of a button. Whether you’re a fan of the heart-warming, mouth-watering MasterChef goodness, the scheming and blindsiding action of Survivor, or both -- get ready for some serious binge-watching.

Alongside a selection of other brand new 10 Play Channels, a MasterChef Channel and a Survivor Channel are now available for fans and newbies to gobble up. These channels will be serving up a constant rotation of episodes from their respective seasons. So, whether you tune in at midday or midnight, you can watch to your heart’s content.

If you’re as excited as we are, here’s a little more about the two live channels.

Survivor Live Channel

The Survivor Channel will be dishing out episode after episode from the World Of Survivor. Viewers can binge-watch as contestants compete to outwit, outplay, outlast. With seasons from our very own Survivor Australia, Survivor South Africa and Survivor New Zealand, the Survivor Channel will not fail to entertain, whether you're after a late-night watch or a Sunday marathon.

MasterChef Live Channel

If delicious, lip-smacking TV all day, every day sounds like your kind of entertainment, then be sure to check out the MasterChef Channel. Featuring iconic seasons of MasterChef Australia and MasterChef US, the channel will be playing tasty episodes non-stop. From dawn ‘til dusk ‘til dawn again, MasterChef will be available for whenever inspiration strikes.

If these channels sound like just the thing you’ve been looking for, head to 10 Play and watch ‘til you drop.

Tune into the MasterChef and Survivor channels and many more on 10 play right now.