Blue Swimmer Crab with Avocado Cream, Coriander and Finger Lime

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  • For the Crab Salad, bring a large saucepan of salted water to the boil over high heat. Add crabs, cover with lid and boil for 8-10 minutes until shell has turned bright orange and flesh is cooked through. Remove from heat, remove crabs from water and place immediately into an ice bath, until chilled.
  • Remove crabs from ice bath and break down, discarding top shell and any gills and mustard. Remove meat from shells as carefully as possible discarding any shell. Set aside crab meat, covered, in fridge.
  • To make a mayonnaise, carefully place egg, mustard, grapeseed oil, salt, and juice from 1 lime into the canister of a stick blender, without breaking the egg yolk. Place the head of the stick blender directly over the yolk and process for 3 seconds then slowly draw the blender up through the ingredients until mixture is thick and emulsified. Set aside until needed.
  • To finish the salad, place crab meat, juice from remaining lime, coriander leaves, and finger lime pulp in a bowl and mix gently to combine. Add just enough mayonnaise to lightly coat and gently mix to combine. Season with salt and set aside until serving.
  • For the Pickled Cucumber, place cucumber, sherry vinegar and salt in a small bowl and set aside to lightly pickle for 5 minutes. Remove cucumber from the liquid and drain on paper towel. Set aside until serving.
  • For the Avocado Cream, place all ingredients in a blender and purée until smooth. Season with salt and pepper and set aside until serving.
  • To serve, spread Avocado Cream on the bottom of each small serving bowl. Top with crab salad and Pickled Cucumber. Garnish with salmon roe and finger lime pulp.

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