'One Line In The Recipe I Missed': Matt Landmark Eliminated In MasterChef's Messina Pressure Test

Conquering another pressure test, Matt Landmark stepped up and plated a near-perfect replica of Donato Toce's gelato masterpiece, but it sadly wasn't perfect enough.

Having missed just one detail in the recipe that required chefs to slice a financier in half before inserting it into their gelato, the balance of Matt's final dish was off just enough to send him home.

"I thought it looked great, I tasted the elements and they tasted good," Matt told 10 play following his elimination. "After... you start thinking about the recipe and you talk to the other contestants and think, oh wait I put six full pieces in, everyone else put three and cut them in half.

"That must have been one line in the recipe that I just missed, which is what sends me home," he continued. "It's frustrating, but it's not like everything turned to disaster, so I can handle that better."

Stepping into his third pressure test, Matt admitted having survived the first two was a definite confidence boost.

"I'm not going to lie, I think it helped me get into the mindset of being able to focus, read the recipe and hopefully follow instructions well," he said.

"The first pressure test I did, the biggest thing that got to me was the fear of the unknown. It was something you had never cooked before, you don't know how you're going to handle the situation... having done this twice already meant I knew I could do this."

Happy with the look of his dish and the individual elements he had put together, Matt was hopeful that his tiny mistake with the financier wouldn't throw off the balance of the final dish too much.

"What Donato said was that, amongst the financier, you just couldn't taste the gelato and, for him, it was a gelato challenge. So I completely understand that," Matt added, "I'll wear that and I'm okay with that. I've made my peace with that I think."

For Matt, falling in love with cooking came when he moved to Melbourne a few years ago. Seeing the food scene in Victoria inspired him and opened his eyes to what food could be, and how impressive it can be.

Having watched MasterChef for years, his love of food coupled with his competitive nature meant he was destined to step into the kitchen. "I started making better and better food and realised maybe it's something I could pursue, and MasterChef would be the perfect way to learn more and get into the food industry."

But finally stepping into the kitchen and behind a bench, Matt said his preconceived notions went out the window pretty quickly.

"I think everyone who goes to the MasterChef kitchen is the best cook in their friend group, or the best cook in their family and you get pumped up by that, people say 'Matt's a great cook!'

"Suddenly you're in a kitchen with 23 others and they're all that best cook," he continued. "You've got to reevaluate, how can you stand out? How can you improve your food?"

Hoping to one day open up his own wine bar with share-style food and an excellent wine list, Matt was able to use his time in the MasterChef kitchen as kind of a litmus test.

"If I go and do this and spend months in the kitchen, or months away from home just focusing on food, how good can I get at the end of it, and do I still really love it? And I definitely do.

"I think the most frustrating thing was that I felt like I was hitting my stride just as I was eliminated," he added, "which is probably similar to what a lot of people experience in the MasterChef kitchen.

"I think I had some good dishes to come, probably some dishes I didn't know I was ready to cook yet or I hadn't conceived yet, that's the most frustrating thing."

Though his time in the kitchen has come to and end, Matt is still pursuing his goal to work in the industry.

"I have gone back to teaching, but I'm teaching a new role," he explained. "I basically take a cafe class and teach students how to run a cafe, how to order food, how to serve food, which is really exciting, and I'm working at a local restaurant and learning more skills."

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