What's On 10 Play In July

Not sure what to watch on 10 play? We've got you covered. With hours of entertainment to choose from, here's what's on this July.

Survivor South Africa

For Survivor enthusiasts, we have the latest fast-tracked season of Survivor South Africa: Return Of The Outcasts.

Hosted by Nico Panagio, the season will bring back some of the greatest strategists, survivalists and game players from across the seasons. Prepare to witness some epic battles as all hell will break loose on the rugged Eastern Cape coast.

Old friendships will be tested and alliances will be broken as each player works to achieve the ultimate title of Sole Survivor.

Playing out across four epic episodes each week, South Africa: Return Of The Outcasts premiers Tuesday, 19 July at 4am, only on 10 Play.

While you wait for the latest season of Survivor South Africa, check out 10 play’s World of Surviror. Take your pick from Survivor New Zealand, Australian Survivor and forty-one seasons of Survivor US.

Stuff Everyone Should Know About Australia

The acclaimed series Stuff Everyone Should Know About Australia is back for Season 3 on 10 play. Released every year during NAIDOC Week, this series is all about busting myths and celebrating truths about First Nations history and culture.

As said by host and Proud Yidinji woman Steph Tisdell, “We have a lot of BS to unlearn, and some amazing truths to discover”. This season, learn about the remarkable Gamaragal woman Barangaroo, the ancient history of Canberra, why dot painting is the dominant form of Aboriginal art and much more.

Fast, fascinating and with a dash of funny, Stuff Every Should Know About Australia collaborates with First Nation creatives to share fascinating and amazing truths about the nation.

To learn more about this remarkable history, watch every episode ever now on 10 play.

Pilot Showcase

This year's Pilot Showcase has six dazzling new shows you can binge now! Here is a run down of what you can expect from each show.

Abbie Chats

No topic is too controversial in this eye-opening new series. Abbie visits a porn set and speaks to LA-based Aussie porn superstar Angela White. Abbie also spends a day with a group of four very different asexuals and hears of their experiences coming to terms with their sexuality.

Bush Blonde Vs The World

Join Bush Blonde as she sets out to “unbugger the world”. Bushie (as she is affectionately known) kicks off her campaign as a PM candidate by chatting to voters, starts an Onlyfans account to save the fire-ravaged koalas, and has a crack at inventing some new, more Aussie-friendly Olympic sports for the BrisVegas 2032 Games.

Courtney’s Closet

The icon, the legend, the bombshell that is Courtney Act has knocked it out of the park with her new show. In Courtney’s Closet, well-known Australians arrive as themselves and depart as their ultimate drag fantasy. Touching, reflective and hilarious - this isn't about laughing at a costume, it’s about using the power of transformation to access a new side to some of our favourite people.

The Love Experiment

Can 36 questions make you fall in love? This is what this series is all about. In 1996, American psychologist Dr Arthur Aron designed an experiment to increase intimacy between two complete strangers: 36 questions -- from light and playful to dark and unexpected -- to be asked and answered within 45 minutes flat.

Dinner Guest

In this captivating new series, hosts Narelda Jacobs, Susan Carland and Melissa Leong invite a special dinner guest each week to discuss any and every topic. Patricia Karvelas, Australian radio presenter, current affairs journalist and political correspondent joins as the coveted guest. Informative, tear-jerking and eye-opening, this series breaks down barriers and celebrates the value of sharing lived experiences.

Time To Die

Is it a quiz show, reality show or something in between? There has never been a show quite like Time To Die. Each week, two comedians write three minutes of the worst stand-comedy they can dream up. They then swap scripts and perform each other’s terrible jokes at real comedy clubs around the country in front of unsuspecting audiences. The winner is whoever can get the most laughs with the bad jokes they’ve been cursed with.

Film Showcase

In line with NAIDOC week, 10 play has a handful of First Nations films and documentaries you can watch now.

Black and White

Emu Runner

Walkabout To Hollywood

Storm Boy

Servant Or Slave


The Last Wave


Satellite Boy

Catch all of these and much more on 10 play on demand!