'That Rocked My Boat': Sumeet Saigal Elimianted After A Surprise Invention Test

On Wednesday night, the top eight walked into the MasterChef kitchen happily wearing their white aprons.

But the judges were quick to dash those dreams when they revealed that there would be a surprise elimination, and on top of that, they were bringing back a MasterChef OG challenge: the Invention Test.

Revealing the mystery ingredients to be bacon and eggs, the chefs would have to reimagine the iconic breakfast duo in some way, the least impressive dish would see its maker eliminated from the competition.

"We walked in with our white aprons, I was absolutely expecting it to be a normal challenge without the looming elimination over my head," Sumeet told 10 Play adding, "that rocked my boat a little bit".

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"I got to Top 8, so when you get to this point of the competition, I had plenty of opportunities to get used to the black apron but... it does play on your mind when you're cooking," she continued. "At this point in the competition, it's just small things that could send you home on the day. It definitely played on my mind, for sure."

With just 75 minutes on the clock, Sumeet created a bacon, egg and blue cheese stuffed naan -- freezing her eggs so they wouldn't overcook when the whole parcel was baked. Unfortunately, having not practised using frozen eggs much in the past, the resulting bake looked perfect but sadly was inconsistent inside.

The "deceptively simple" challenge of reimagining how to use bacon and eggs allowed Sumeet to show the judges a favourite of hers, blue cheese naan. Adding bacon and eggs to it seemed like a no-brainer. "You would think it would be a match made in heaven and it would be in an ideal circumstance if I had tried out out many times over," she said.

While she loved the flavours together, it was the cook on the eggs that she was worried about. "Sure enough, that got me where it got me."

When the judges revealed that it was time for Sumeet to hang up her apron, it was clear she was heartbroken, but not completely shocked.

"When you sign up for something like MasterChef, it's a cooking competition and you need to walk in with your eyes on the prize, but you need to also accept the reality that there is only going to be one winner," she explained.

"When they revealed that it was my time to go, the most pronounced emotion that I felt was gratefulness. That's the honest truth," Sumeet said.

"This is truly a dream come true journey for me, so how could I feel anything but grateful? I was up against some really good talent, and I've watched enough MasterChef to know it's just the cook on the day that can trip you up, and it can be our time that comes to an end.

"We've seen that happen in this series as well," she continued. "We've lost some really talented people before me. I think that was the emotion I felt the most, gratefulness"

Coming into the competition, Sumeet had her eyes firmly on a dream of starting her sauce empire. The Sauce Boss proved she was a champion of condiments when she won the Coles sauce challenge and her InTalian Simmer Sauce hit shelves across the country.

"It has been flying off the shelves and my inbox is flooded with beautiful messages of support and how much everyone has loved the sauce," she said adding that people have been showing off the creative ways in which they've been using her sauce.

On the other side of the competition, with everything Sumeet learned, she is more empowered than ever to chase that dream. "The fire in getting that going and getting that moving is absolutely burning bright. I will be putting all my energy into it to see it through," she said.

"It's a big project of love but I'm committed to seeing it through. There's definitely a clear vision for my Sauce Boss food dream... my  dreams have just gotten bigger."

Early on in the competition, Sumeet found herself wearing the black apron more times than she would have liked, with a few close calls, each time she fought for her place in the kitchen her confidence grew.

"When I started I was so intimidated by the talent around me," she admitted. "Twenty-two of us and such a diverse range of heritages, backgrounds, cooking styles, and expertise... but I've grown through the competition. I've gained confidence and developed a style for myself, and I know myself so much better -- not just from a culinary perspective, but a personal one."

Throughout the season, Sumeet often spoke about her dream and now, watching the series with her family, she's been able to see the impact on her family, especially her twins.

"They love watching it and I think they've seen me so immersed in my passion for the first time," she said. "They always knew I enjoyed being in the kitchen, coming up with ideas, cooking for the family and entertaining.

"I walked into the show wanting to chase my dream and live that out but, at some point, it became them believing in their dreams. I think that's the most valuable thing that I could have ever done, having my children watch me live out my dreams for them to believe in theirs."

MasterChef Australia continues Sunday - Wednesday at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play.