Mel B Reveals Her Masked Singer Secret Weapon

She's done her time behind the mask and now Spice Girl legend Mel B will experience The Masked Singer from a whole new angle.

This season's superstar Masked Singers include a Commonwealth Games superstar, Neighbours royalty, a Grammy Award-winner, and a multiple Logie winner.

Mel B, Abbie, Hughsey and Chrissie sat down with Angela Bishop on Studio 10 this week to discuss all things wild, wacky and wonderful on this season's Masked Singer.

When asked how good the panellists are at guessing who is under the masks, Mel B revealed her secret weapon.

“I have a dossier of every person that I have met in Australia and internationally," she told Ange.

With the thousands of singers, actors, sporting stars, politicians, members of the royal family and celebrities that Mel B has met during her career, she truly knows everyone in the biz. This record will (hopefully) give her a leg-up when deciphering those tricky clues and guessing who is behind the mask.

Mel B went on to say, “I didn’t even know what [dossier] meant until I actually said it. I didn't want to have a weird diary sitting on the table - it looks like I’m stalking people, or I have done. So dossier, yeah I’ve got that."

Mel B has also appeared on The Masked Singer twice, on The Masked Singer Spain as a jellyfish and as a seahorse on The Masked Singer UK.

“It makes you understand, having worn the mask, how much you can’t see," she explained. "You can’t even really breathe, and to sing with that on is near impossible."

“So it’s been a really good insight which I have shared with my fellow panellists," Mel added.

Ange asked Hughsey if he has maintained his renowned worst-guess record this season, to which Hushey responded, “You’ll have to watch to find out. Don’t give away how good I am at guessing this year."

Speaking about different strategies and comradery on the panel, Mel was quick to throw Hughsey under the bus.

“Hughsey sneakily grabs everybody else’s ideas, mainly Chrissies. But we will give him that, we are a part of a team."

When asked about her record of guessing the masks, Mel admitted, “I think in my delusional brain that I know everyone. I have been sorely wrong. I’m taking guidance from Chrissie and Abbie - the girl power gang right here. I’m learning, and it's a whole re-learning process. It’s fascinating."

In a season with bigger stars, crazier costumes and out-of-this-world performances, the panel and Australia are ready to get the show on the road!

The Masked Singer Australia premieres Sunday, August 7 at 7.30pm on 10 and 10 play on demand.